Friday, November 11, 2011

71st Fashionable Fridays

Last week, I wore my new trouser jeans. My MIL bought them for my birthday. We went shopping together and I picked them out from Old Navy. They are super comfortable!
My top is from Down East sale - $5

Tonight, I wore my hair curly to a wedding reception. I rarely curl my hair because I usually feel like I look way too young with it, but when my hair is super long, it looks pretty good with some curls in it.
Baby blue shirt from Down East major sale - $5. and navy blue tank my mother-in-law also bought for me from Down East.

Did you do anything fun or have a lucky day with it being 11/11/11 and Veterans Day!? Later after the reception, I enjoyed a girls night "watching" Eclipse, but mostly we just did a lot of talking which really was most needed and lots of fun even though I barely knew most of the girls there. I'm so excited about watching Breaking Dawn, part 1 soon....a bunch of us girls are not seeing it until December though.

Also I just wanted to say thank you to all those veterans who have fought for my freedoms and for the United States and I'm grateful to those who are serving our country today. What brave men and women and their families too who sacrifice so much.

3 crafty contributions:

Rachel said...

Those pants are way cute on you, Maryanne! I also like your pink top in those pictures :) I really like your hair curly! It's so long and pretty :)

bcriminger said...

Love the pink top-and what a great price!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

It sounds like I missed a birthday recently, happy belated birthday! I was interested to see your Down East shirts. I get their catalogs and am always tempted to order something. They have such cute stuff and good prices. Have you liked what you gotten?