Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Costumes 2011 Mini Tutorials - Peter Pan themed

Captain Hook costume
I found a red coat at DI (Deseret Industires - thrift store).

I bought some white ruffles and gold trim. Since this coat was really thick and I'm not an expert sewer, I used velcro that I had and put pieces inside the wrists and across the chest to place the ruffles.

Captain Hook Hat
a friend mentioned how important the Captain Hook's hat was so I decided against the $1 store kids pirate hat I was originally going to use (now it can just be for dress up) and figured out how to make my own hat.
I took cardboard and cut a large oval and then cut a hole in the middle to fit an adult head.
Then I took one of my son's old turtleneck onesies (3T - so it would be hard for him to wear now that he's potty trained) and cut it to cover the cardboard. My husband is 6'4 so once I covered one side pretty well; I figured most people won't see the top of his head. I used a combination of hot glue and craft glue...craft glue did better with so much fabric being used.

For the feather, I cut a piece of cardboard, covered it in white felt and added slits to the side. I had some small white feathers on hand so I covered it with that too.

I took my old hospital gown and pinned down the neckline then sewed so you couldn't see the brown so much and then added a big blue ribbon around my waist.

Peter Pan
I found a dark green thermal underwear set at DI and cut that up zig zag style. I used the scraps to make the hat. I sewed these two pieces together (from the bottom of the shirt and the bottom of a pant leg.)

In the end, I didn't use the pants bottoms because Peter Pan wears more like tights for his bottoms. I figured if it was snowing though, I'd have him wear those over his others. His bottoms are just pjs pants from Old Navy. I got the pink sword at DI for 50 cents....I wanted to spray paint it a better color, but with being gone before Halloween, didn't get a chance. The brown belt is also from DI probably like $1.

She was the inspiration for our costumes. I have been obsessed with lime green and hot pink so when I saw the lime green tutu dress at Crafty Moms, I bought it along with some other stuff during her FB deals. When I looked at it again later, I was like my baby girl can be TinkerBell! I put another lime green tutu underneath to make it more full. Then she wore tights and lime green pants to keep warmer underneath. I found the green fairy wings at the $1 store! I also found a glow stick wand at the $1 store too, but didn't get any pictures with it.

I was so happy with the outcome! I was especially impressed with how well I did with Captain Hook! We'll have to use these costumes again!
Let me know if you have any questions about this and I'd be happy to answer!


Livvy said...

You are so crafty!!! I love everyone's costumes. You did an awesome job on Mike's, way to be thrifty and go to the D.I.

Breena said...

Wow! Those costumes look awesome! You are super crafty and creative. Love your blog!

(ps - you should check out the 2 giveaways I have going on this week!)

Unknown said...

I am always so impressed with your coordinating costumes, how fun and creative! ER has a mind of her own and I don't know if she'd go with anything that would work as a group.

Rachel said...

I loved your costumes this year! Very creative and fun! You all looked great :)