Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Fondant

My husband and I love watching Cake Boss so for my birthday this year, my husband wanted to try to make me a fondant cake. (He's only cooked homemade things like twice now.....he makes awesome breadsticks though with all his practicing =D). I gave him the idea of doing a 27 dresses cake since I was turning 27 (on October 21st) and he thought that was doable.
Well with the craziness of our lives and us going on a vacation soon, we decide to do the cake on October 16th and I helped him because I'm nice.

My husband mixing cake mix.

Mixing the fondant. We used chocolate marshmallows.....I was hoping that it would give it more a chocolatey flavor, but nope. I'd stick with white in the future unless you want a purply gray fondant.

We added caramel to our cake and then stuck it in the freezer to cool faster.....not smart. It was stuck. If you want a caramel cake then don't stick it in the freezer. If you're just doing a plain cake, stick it in the freezer - it helps it be softer/moister later.

I then dirty iced it while my husband rolled out the fondant.

Then we placed the fondant on top. As you can see, it was very thick....wish we had one of those fondant rollers like on Cake Boss!

Since the fondant was a grey purply color, I made it Halloween themed! With our leftover fondant, I cut out Halloween shapes with cookie cutters and then painted it with food coloring and added some candy corn pieces to it. It's definitely not the greatest, but we would love to try again....maybe for our son's birthday on November 30th.....maybe.

It tasted pretty good....the fondant though was just as gross though - I think eating fondant is yucky (pure powdered sugar!)

Have you been successful with fondant on your first attempts?

2 crafty contributions:

Rachel said...

How funny :) It's too bad it didn't turn out the way you wanted, but way to go trying it! I've thought about making fondant, but it always seemed too complicated. Your cake looked awesome :)

bcriminger said...

Cute, but I agree on the taste-not my fav!