Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rosette Flowers Glam!

I've been wanting to make more glammed up rosette flowers so I've been trying to add feathers and tulle, some flair! =D

I made these first few for some friends'

Then for our upcoming family photo shoot, I wanted to make a really big one so I started messing around some more.
Here's the beginning part....

...and it turned into this! Woot woot! I loved it!

Then I had to make some thing for my baby girl so she could be glammed up too!
I made her a smaller piece since it would be big on her and then I made her a fabric necklace too!

To make the Fabric Necklace: I took an inch wide of fabric about 24 inches long and tied it on the end. Then I twisted, put some glue in between and twisted some more and let dry. Then I made it into a double necklace and added the rosette to it to keep it secure. So Simple!! I need to make one for myself now! =D

4 crafty contributions:

Anonymous said...

Love these - I keep finding tutorials on this and keep forgetting to try and make them - yours look great!

Rachel said...

So cute! I really like these and the headband you made me. I'll have to try making some sometime as well :)

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Those are so cute, I love the last picture of the two of you! Those rolled flowers are so fun, I really need to try my hand at making some, both me and my daughter would love wearing those!

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Wow I love these rosette flowers. Super cute!