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Wedding Series Blog Hop by MBC - Wedding Scrapbooks

6.18.10 Wedding Blog Hops sure are popular because Allison from O' My Family is doing one too. Weddings are so happy so I love participating. Check it out.
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5.25.10 "The month of May will feature my (Memories by Christine) engagement/wedding series! I'm having 2-3 blog hops a week throughout the month so we can all share memories of our special days. Even if you aren't a scrapbooker, you can still participate! Bridesmaid and maid of honor stories are welcomed too!"

Wedding and Honeymoon Scrapbooks
Our honeymoon was pretty much non-existent. It was driving to Idaho from Illinois for college.

Wedding perfect! Here's my Wedding Scrapbook (still missing some pages though - I like to have every detail in it)
Since I missed sharing the Favorites of your Wedding Day and Wedding and Reception Details (No idea where I've been that I missed this...maybe going crazy with lack of sleep while weaning my 17 mo. old son from his pacifier), I'll share them in this post too. Let's hope my memory is good.

We were married December 31, 2004 in the Chicago LDS Temple.
Colors: silver and white with accents of green and blue

Wedding Scrapbook Cover: the tulle ribbon has been pulled off so many times from my son that technically it wasn't like that, but it still looks good.

Before we went inside the temple to be sealed for time and eternity.

Favorite Moment: Being sealed to Mike forever in the temple. Seeing ourselves in the mirror, going forever.

Coming out of the temple where family and friends were waiting for us.

 Favorite Moment: One of my favorite pictures. This a blown up picture of the both of us that I cut in half to see our faces better. I think this picture shows how much we love each other.

 December 31, 2004 in Chicago - WINDY, but surprisingly it was in the 50s! My veil was flying everywhere....pretty funny.

 Carrying me around
I love this page. This paper had die cut windows for the pictures and was embossed. I went over  the embossing with a silver pen to make it stand out and to match my colors. I have others, but I ran out of silver ink, have to buy some more to finish the other pages.

 Walking around the temple grounds trying to figure out other photo ops.

 Luncheon at the Olive Garden
Favorite Moment: I had to go to the bathroom and we passed by this little girl. She whispers to her mom, "It's a princess" Awww

I used orange in this layout because of the sunlight going through the windows and I still added some silver and white embellishments.

Reception at the Church Stake Center's Cultural Hall
Decorated in silver and white with lots of white lights and glittery snowflakes hanging
Buffet style food - totally wish I had eaten more of it!
Sparkling cider bottles and hershey kisses were spread over the tables. Fake blue and green (accent colors) flowers sparkled with silver filled vases for the centerpieces.
We had a little Christmas tree decorated with silver ornaments balls that had our names and wedding date in white for favors.
We had a DJ playing songs that reminded me of Mike while guests were arriving and eating.

 We announced our little bridal party: parents, best man and maid of honor

 Since not many can attend the temple, we had a Ring Ceremony for all our guests to share our feelings for each other.

 Toasts by my Maid of Honor and the Best Man
After the toasts, we had a slideshow video of Mike and I and then some pictures of our loved ones.

Cutting the Cake
Funny Moment: Mike gave me a large piece and let go after I took a small bite....the rest of it went down my dress. I went to the bathroom to find it in my chest.

We danced to Chicago's "You're the Inspiration"

 I danced with my dad to "Butterfly Kisses" This was the first dance I ever danced with my dad.
Mike danced with his mom to "The Reason" by Hoobastank

My maid of honor and me. Plus a couple shots of Mike and I with her and her boyfriend then (now husband-4 1/2 years later)

Favorite Moment: Our car decorated in oreos and saran wrap...loved the one window that said "From here to Maternity" Right after the reception, Mike drove to the car wash, so anal - he's a lot better now.

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Christine:) said...

Thanks for linking up- we almost have the same wedding anniversary. Ours is Dec. 30 but one year later:) Beautiful album, and your wedding sounds like it was gorgeous!

I got your scrappy canvas today- so cute! Thank you so much:) I'll show it off in a post next week and give you a shout out:)

Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year said...

sigh, i wish i was crafty & could scrapbook.