Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scrapbooking Birthday Party

I had a scrapbooking birthday party for my 25th back in October. I keep meaning to share the details of it and now I finally am so I can hopefully be included in Tip Junkie's Birthday Party Bash June 14-19.

I based the colors off my Scrappy Gifts site.

Brittany's Cake World made my cake as well using the colors of Scrappy Gifts. I also gave her some of my scrapbooking flowers for the centerpiece on it.

Candles on the cake...

1. People could get into pairs or do it themselves, but they had to create a scrapbooking page for me using the supplies I provided. This was awesome! Then all I had to do later was add pictures of the party to the pages they created. I did have to create a couple more, but the process was so simple! So if you love scrapbooking, have guests create the pages for you.

Scrapbooking stuff for people to make my birthday scrapbook pages for me ;)

Guests starting to scrapbook

Layouts my friends created. I just added pictures and a couple more embellishments. Also I had everyone write a birthday wish on 4x6 notecard I created to match the layout.

2. All About Me Question Game
3. Friends' File Activity: I had Friends Files starting back when I was in 8th Grade. It's just a book where all your friends write down their favorites and vote for people for best whatever under specific page catergoires. I had bought them from Sanrio back then and wasn't able to find any now. So I made my own using the colors from my birthday party.

mostly Scrapbooking related Prizes for everyone! Winners of games were able to choose first.

So do you think it's wrong to host your own birthday party? I didn't want to be disappointed and not have a 25th birthday party. (My husband isn't good at throwing me a party-birthdays aren't as big of a deal in his family). I love parties so I threw myself one and I wasn't disappointed. I planned my birthday parties way in advance when I was younger too. Now that I'm older I only will throw myself one for the "big" birthdays if no one else is giving me one. 7.23.10 - OK I lied I have plans for a Murder Mystery Birthday Party this year; 30 is too far away to save it.

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