Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mario Party Wii Birthday Party

We had a Mario Party Wii Birthday Party for our son's 1st birthday back in November. I keep meaning to share the details of it and now I finally am so I can hopefully be included in Tip Junkie's Birthday Party Bash June 14-19. This makes the most sense if you've ever played any version of Mario Party.

Welcome Picture of the Wii Mario Party Host and some of our favorite Wii Mario Party characters.

Red streamers.
Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Balloons.
Happy 1st Birthday Sign again with Wii Mario Party Host and some of our favorite Wii Mario Party characters.
Stars! That's the goal in the game to get the most stars!

Star Balloon for the birthday boy!

Real life Mario Party Gameboard: I cut out 1/4 red 6x6 squares and 3/4 blue 6x6 squares. Then 1 yellow Star square - (land on it and you get to go the secret star room to get a free star). Had them laminated right next to each other in 2 long rows (spacing a red square after 2-4 blue squares). Then taped the two parts to my wall.

I took images online and printed them out of all the Wii Mario Party characters and the host and laminated them. The Mario Party characters were used as the game pieces with velcro on the back. Then a piece of velcro was placed on each square as well so they could move across the board.
A Gold Star Piece was placed at the end.

Star Bags from Oriental Trading to keep track of their coins and stars earned in the game.

Mini Games: games that you play after each family had one turn. We just did 3 mini games total to keep it shorter.

1. Bowling - each couple was a team and each person rolled the ball once backwards and through their legs.
2. All About Birthday Boy quiz (questions about his life)
3. Bullseye: each person had to throw 3 little balls at the bullseye and then each couple's scores were added up. I let each person make sure their ball stuck to the bullseye.

What's a game without prizes! I traded with lots of sites to help them get more exposure for their site.
All prizes were baby/children related since this party was for our 1 year old son.
Prizes were given to winners of mini games and then the family that had the most starts at the end of the game. After that, any family who didn't get a prize could go choose one. I like letting everyone be a winner.

The Piece de Resistance: The Cakes!
Cakes were made by Brittany's Cake World. I came up with the idea of the cakes, and she made my visions come to life!
Wii Mario Party Host Cake with 3 Mario Party Characters: Mario, Boo and Yoshi.
Wii Cake with remote (life size)
Bomb Smash Cake for my son

For his 2nd birthday, we're thinking DragonBall husband wants to attempt to make a Goku cake on our own. We'll see though =D

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