Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #11

For this week's Fashionable Fridays. I wanted to share with you a site called Lookville, a place to share advice and fashion tips about clothing styles and looks. Right now you can only enter it by invitation only so I decided to give it a try. You upload a full body picture of clothes and get opinions from others on it. I decided to upload this one because it's a favorite of mine out of all the Fashionable Fridays I've shared so far.

But apparently it's not a favorite of very many people!
Here are the first 4 comments I received - talk about ouch! When I give comments I like to share at least something positive too.

@chast113: firstly, i dont exactly like the shoes with the cardigan. And secondly, maybe another color of cardigan would suite the skirt. Sorry.

@jackson1992: change the shoes and change the under shirt to a white or gray.!

@suivreamely: The length of that skirt requires a higher heel, because it's making your legs look a wee bit short. I'd rather you wear this with a white or cream colored sexy camisole

@kikii: the length of the skirt is wrong, it should sit above the knee and taper in, and the color of the cardi is to bright try something softer.
At least there were some positives in the next 11 comments I received.

@wendyw721: Maryann, I like the cardigan not tucked in, probably more comfortable if you are sitting down. As for the skirt length, it could be a tiny bit shorter, as Kiki Blue said, and perhaps black kitten heels might look nice, very low key. I actually like the emerald green color of your cardigan, it complements your lovely skin tones and dark hair. Since you are visiting your church, I know you are going for a more modest look.

@smaltwnfash00: I think you look cute! What would help the outfit to be better is a more form fitting skirt and some higher heels.

@VeronicaSchiller: I would put higher heels and if you have get a simple cardigan without any details in the front cause you already have the buttons of the skirt... I always use J crew cardigans, I find them to be the most comfortable cause they are not too heavy and they have them in different lengths! They also have v necks instead that I think wold give a nice touch to the outfit and it will make you look more elongated in the torso

@beautynut: this is a cute outfit. I wouldn't have know that was a cardigan had you not pointed it out. you look lovely

@LadyChaos78: your giving yourself a very rectangular shape. What you want is curves. untuck the cardigan and add a belt.

@kerri2218: I like the tucked in look although i think a belt around the waist with a plain more fitted pencil skirt would work better. If you are going to wear a skirt that length you need to wear higher heels to accentuate the legs and make them look longer.

@TauriTigerpaw: I love the skirt and I'd build on that with a pair of solid black strappy higher heels for a more feminine feel to balance out the skirt. I don't care for the tucked in top, or that color of green. It looks like you may have a dark camisole underneath and maybe a dark loose jacket over the camisole would soften the boxiness of the skirt and give you a professional and sexy look.

@KaylaMarieCraig: Definitely a higher heel and not the grey I would either do a slick shiny looking shoe in the green color a slick black but a higher heel would work much better.

@SSVintage: I think you pull off the tucked in cardigan nicely. :) You look super cute.

@alexx: this whole look is just a no. the shoes are so fall, the skirt is fine...but the cardigan and that purple thing go terribly!!! find a cute tank blouse that has some nice colors and design on it, and find patent leather pumps, rather than pointy toes

@4everbeauty1: Change the shoes to something totally black or black with green lace or something..those shoes are definitely a no.
I understand that I could have had better, higher heels. Maybe I should have pulled up my pencil skirt more to show my knees. I liked wendy's comment since she realized that I am more modest.
No one seems to like color either. I don't see anything wrong with the green and purple. I should try and send this in to What not to Wear and see what Stacy and Clinton say. I trust their opinion.
Another thing is I'm not rich! I slowly am buying a new wardrobe to fit my new post-baby body. Cut me a little slack please. The few pictures I saw, most were more immodest, super tight clothed women and they had such nice comments - sheesh.
I'm debating about sharing this picture with them....should I be brave!? I don't know if I can!
If you'd like to give it a try, the first 5 people can sign -up with this link: wool
I think you can just share outfits too without actually wearing them.

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Stacey said...

I say just remember that "modest is hottest". If all the outfits getting positive comments involved tight fitting revealing clothing, then they may have different standards than you. I think the green looks beautiful with your coloring.