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Fashionable Fridays #12

Found this great article through Disney's

5 Fashion Tips for Moms!
How to be fashionable even when you're juggling a career and baby
By Trina Gupta

Whether you have a new-born, a toddler or older children, the one common element that all moms share is an overwhelming lack of time. If on top of raising children you're juggling a career, chances are you barely have time to breathe and fashion/style can very easily fall by the wayside. Who has time to think about fashion you might ask? The good news is that looking great is possible despite the draining schedule and numerous demands on your time. Follow these 5 easy tips to look and feel great, and free yourself up to be a beautiful, happy mom!

1. Fit is still important! Even if you are carrying some post-pregnancy weight that you plan to lose soon, don't let drowning yourself in clothes that are too large be the solution. Too much fabric can actually make you look heavier. Instead, opt for clothes that skim your shape without being too form-fitting.
This has been the hardest one for me. After you have a baby - it takes time to lose the weight. It took me about 9-10 months to lose the all the weight. Then I ended up losing extra so all my pants were falling off. Then I gained it all back after I was done nursing so now my pants all feel too tight around the waist especially. Blah. Then pretty soon I'll probably get pregnant again. So that's like 5 different sizes I'm in. Then I'm shopping for like 3 mini warddrobes, maternity one and my normal warddrobe. Plus you have to keep all those clothes for when the next baby comes. Never ending cycle.

 2. Buy/wear fabrics that breathe well, are comfortable and most importantly, are washable. Cotton tunics, straight or boot cut jeans, light dresses and cardigans are excellent choices for stylist mom's wardrobe. Matte-jersey, particularly a heavier-weight jersey, is a fantastic choice for both at home and going out. A jersey dress for example, is easy to dress up, layer over and easy to move around in. It's also relative inexpensive!
I need to look into more jersey fabrics because they don't wrinkle!

 3. Choose comfortable but stylish footwear. Avoid plain, ratty sneakers and go for chic ballet flats, trendy sneakers, and gladiator flats if you're in warm weather. Look for brands like Cole Haan, which offer fashionable shoes with comfort soles. If you're uncomfortable giving up heels altogether, go with a one or two-inch platform slide or low pumps but be sure that the heel height is no more than 2" to avoid giving yourself lower-back pain.
Here my shoes. I wear the black flats a little too much. I guess I should search for new ones. I bought these for like $8 several years ago; super comfortable. Not all flats on me are comfortable.

4. Use accessories to create unique and stylish looks without investing in a lot of money. Scarves, belts, handbags, hats and of course, jewelry are all great ways to keep your look trendy without spending too much money. And this year's bold jewelry and bright colors will make it easy to mix up your look with minimal effort. Loosely drape a thin bright scarf over a neutral t-shirt and dark jeans and you'll get through the day in style!
A lot of my long necklaces are broken thanks to my son.....I love long necklaces - so easy to make an outfit and add interest.
Here are some ideas I tried with a scarf. The blue, orange and brown one actually came as a belt to one of my capris.
What do you think of it around the waist? Silly/weird? Not sure if I'd really wear it like that or not.

Here are scarf ways of wearing it. I also have worn these in my hair.

 5. If you have an infant and need to carry a diaper bag, pick one that will complement your wardrobe. Any bag can work as a diaper bag as long as it has enough space and compartments to carry all the necessities. Pick a bag that's roomy, made of a durable and easy-to-clean material (like nylon) and try to stay with a monochromatic rather than a printed or multicolored bag. A monochromatic bag in a neutral color like black, brown, charcoal grey is an excellent choice for a diaper bag and will go with any outfit you have on and keep you looking pulled together.
I absolutely love my diaper bag. I'll try and remember to take a picture with it.

 Trina Gupta is an L.A. based fashion stylist and personal wardrobe consultant. Find her online at

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