Monday, June 21, 2010

5th Mommy Mondays

Found another blog that does Mommy Mondays: A Mommy's Blessings. Check her out!

Gave our son his first hair-cut this weekend - he's 18 months. Yeah James's hair didn't really start growing a lot of hair until the last couple months - I didn't want to cut until I had a decent amount for his first cut. I didn't just want a few pieces. The last week, his hair was sticking up a lot more and finally growing a little past his ears so finally his first hair-cut. Right before I cut, I was so nervous and a little sad about cutting his hair.

Before and after

It looks pretty good; still have to straighten out the back though. Didn't take too much off - more evened out his hair - he had some really long pieces like 1-1.5 longer than the rest of his hair. He wouldn't do clippers with my husband so I did scissors while he was distracted. Next time I think we'll just hold him down and have my husband do the clippers so it's more even. Cutting hair while your child's head is moving a lot could be very bad.
Maybe I should have just done what my parents did to me when I was 10 - cut his hair while he's asleep! Yes my parents cut my hair when I was asleep. Their excuse was that I said it was okay- darn talking in my sleep. I woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror and cried. The just cut my bangs - I always had my bangs in my eyes since I was trying to grow them out. I was so mad. My dad started laughing when he saw me realize what they had done.
What tips do you have for cutting your child's hair? How old were they when they had their first haircut? Did you do it or take them somewhere?

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Sarah said...

My son has been getting his hair cut at a children's salon for the past year. I took him to a regular place on Saturday and the woman wouldn't use clippers on the back like I asked.

So I'm going to start cutting his hair. I know how, but I was just too nervous that he wouldn't hold still enough for me. I just don't want to pay nearly $20 for a haircut, especially when they won't even do what I want!!

Holly said...

I always hate giving my little ones there first haircuts. Not only is it a pain in the keester hard, it's so sad to make them "big boys". They need to stay babies forever!