Monday, January 24, 2011

31st Mommy Mondays

So this weekend, I read an article in the latest Redbook magazine about our little girls growing up too fast in today's society. It sure made me a little more nervous about having a girl.

They say it can start with calling our little girls princesses (I have no intention calling my girl a princess as a nickname - this girl that my husband liked back in high school was nick named that and I did not like her) where we can tend to focus on beauty with them so much at an early age. It talked about taking our girls to get their nails done, etc. All this instead of remembering to compliment them on other things like physical activity or being smart.

How do you moms of girls balance teaching this to your little girls?

As a Latter-Day Saint, I'm not too worried about it because I know that if I bring her up the best I can in the gospel she'll be wonderful. I guess I just got a little worried because I've bought tutus, hair clips and pettiskirts. Girls are just fun to dress up! I have dreams of her dancing, scrapbooking, playing basketball or volleyball, etc. too.

Also other LDS Moms of girls, when do you start teaching about modesty? Modest dress is such a huge thing for me. College girls don't seem to understand how important that is in preparation for going to the temple and being sealed to your husband. I think I plan on not dressing my baby, toddler, child girl in tanks, short shorts or skirts. Lots of shirts/onesies look just as cute under a tank dress or cute cardigans. Is that extreme to do? I'd love opinions.

3 crafty contributions:

Audrey said...

About modesty.. I've always taught my little girl to wear shorts under her dresses and skirts, no one wants to see her panties! I did put her in tanks and spaghetti strap dresses up until now, she is almost 5 and I think it's time she wears a shirt under her dresses. Of course she always wears a cardigan or shirt under her dresses for church or when we are out and about. As for home we are a bit more lenient. I don't think it needs to be an issue when they are little, as long as they don't look like little hussies, some outfits for little girls are a bit on the wild side. Little girls can be modest still while wearing tank tops and tank like dresses!

The Sandalls said...

I read the same article and it scared me to death at first because I have called McKeanzie, my little princess, and I do the hairbows and tutus and all the dressing up. But then I realized that all I can do is my best, raise her in the church with the standards and faith I know is true. Plus I have a saying in her room, one that I was raised on -- "I am a Child of God, Daughter of a King, a PRINCESS!! So it makes it completely different, I hope it gives my little princess something to live up to! (I have the same saying in my sons room--saying he's a PRINCE!)

On modesty... I think it starts from day ONE.... making sure they wear modest dresses and only buy modest clothing and bathing suits. This way they don't know any different (of course until they hit high school and then we just pray they know the importance of modesty)! Just like I always talk to my 3 year old son about the day he goes on a mission (not if but WHEN)!

SOrry about the book, I just stress about my beautiful angels growing up in this ugly world! Good Luck!

Jill F said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with letting your little girls play dress up. They love it and it's way fun to dress up girls. I think that you just need to make sure that the emphasis isn't on the physical beauty and that you talk about all things that she does great. I also think it's important to tell them they are beautiful. There is an alarming lack of self esteem in our world and they need to know they are beautiful and wonderful because Heavenly Father made them that way. Just don't make it such an empasis that she grows up thinking that is all that is important. I think most of the problems that article talks about start with low self esteem. If we help our girls know they are wonderful that will help them focus on the things are important and not turn to physical beauty to validate themselves.

Modesty is already a topic of conversation at our house (my girls are 3 and 1) but I think now that my oldest is dressing herself it's time to really start to teach the principle. I have let them wear tank tops etc occasionally it's a judgement call that you and your husband have to make for your family.