Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #32

Here's Paint that Nail with another amazing nail design!



It's Fashionable Friday again! Today I'm going to show you how to do water marbling!

First I put a base coat. Then I put one coat of white nail polish that was Pure Ice- Super Star! Then for the actually colors I used to water marble were Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Purple Pulse and the other color was Ulta Salon Formula- Little Black Dress. Then I outlined certain lines in silver glitter.

What you need:

-Nail polish colors and Base/Top coat
-Toothpicks (to drag the nail polish with)
-Q-tips (clean around your finger and get excess nail polish in the cup and on your finger)
-Nail polish remover (pure acetone)
-Plastic cup or something you don't mind getting messy with nail polish and fill with room temperature water
-Vaseline or oil (put around your finger so it's easier to take off) 
-Paint brush (you could use the Q-tips but I like to use a paint brush to put the Vaseline on around my finger) 
-Napkins (to wipe off your toothpick and around your finger. 

What to do:

1-Add a base coat 

2-Put Vaseline or oil around your nail

3-Drop nail polishes into water. You can use as many nail polishes as you want, but don't drop the same color two times in a row because you won't see it. It can make your nail polish really thick.

4-Now swirl the nail polishes until you get a design that you like using a toothpick or something that has a point to it.
5-Dip your finger into the spot you like
6-Remove the nail polish around your finger by wiping off the nail polish and Vaseline. Once you finish all your nails use nail polish remover to get off the rest
7-Now you can put a Top coat or add some glitter on top and you're done!! 

This is very messy and it takes a little bit of time but its really cute when you're done! You might not get the hang of it the first time but keep trying and you will. The first time I tried I couldnt do it but now I can because I tried a couple more times!

Go follow and She is so amazing at all the creative things she does and is so nice for letting me do these on her blog!! I hope this helps! 


How creative! I love how each nail is different too! Be sure to check out her site for other awesome nail designs!

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