Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #34

Well this week I actually did a lot of shopping for this baby girl so I thought I'd share what I found...

Monday, I headed out of our little town with a friend and our boys and went to the mall (30-40 minutes away). We looked at Sears (lots of cute dresses on sale, but I already had that one dress that was only $4-$5), Motherhood Maternity and then Old Navy where we hit a good sale: 40% off their clearance prices!
  • Warm Bunting Outfit ($3.50)- Yes I understand I'm due at the end of April, but last year in Idaho in snowed in May!
  • 12 mo. sweater
  • 12 mo. pajama dress

Then my friend persuaded me to go to Kohls (I knew I could be in trouble there!)
  • 9 mo. white dress (hoping to use as a blessing dress-but we're not sure when we'll be blessing her)

Then I get to the checkout and found out I got the 30% off coupon!!!! You have to use that! So of course I went back! I also bought my son a winter coat for next year($14 after all the discounts, originally $80), some new Look and Find books, a choo choo train shirt and Elmo Pajamas (he loves Elmo but especially loves trains - this was the first clothing item, he went and got to bring to me to put it on him).
  • 3 mo. jeans ($3?)
  • 6-9 mo onesies (all three under $5)
  • 6-9 mo dress
  • hat was $2 at Gymboree
I tried to buy clothes that weren't pink - you would think they would have more yellow and other colors for girls.

 Then on Wednesday, I went to this thrift store especially for moms and kids. I bought some more items all under $3.50 each. I love overalls!
  • 3 overalls
  • 1 overall dress
  • 1 dress thinking for Easter 2012
  • yellow dress
  • bathing suit
  • crib sheet

Where I really scored, was all the clothes that I got for FREE!!! The thrift store lady was going to donate the items she didn't want for her store to our big thrift store, DI, but we asked to take them. My friend and I sorted through 7+ garbage bags of items and I walked away with 1 full garbage bags of girls clothes and a couple of clothes for my son.
Lots of pink! I think she might be good for clothes up until 9 months.

How do you feel about second hand items? I don't typically go for them and search, but ever since I find out we're having a girl, I've been really worried about money and all the things we're going to need just because we're going to have a girl. So I'm extremely grateful for anything especially FREE! Not everything is in style, but oh well.

I've already spent money over at The Crafty Moms too. On their FB page, she's been having bids on a lot of items so I've saved $10-$20 on her stuff just by bidding. I'll be getting tutus, leg warmers, clips, pettiskirt, pom pom dress, etc. in the mail soon! She'll be super cute with these!

What are your favorite stores, online shops, etc. for great deals for you, husbands, kids? Any great deals you've had recently?

Speaking of deals, Meggie Moo's Baby Boutique is having a Grab Bag Prize Contest on her FB page. Each grab bag is $5 which includes shipping of the item too! You have a chance of winning these big items Pettiskirt, Pettiskirt, Ruffled Petti-top, Customized tutu, Customized tutu, Petti Romper, Petti Romper, Pair of boots, Pair of boots, Pair of leg warmers, Fairy Wings. So 11/50 things are big tems. The rest you are guaranteed to get either a crochet headband with a flower, crochet hat, or kufi hat. All of these items cost over $5 anyway so you're saving money! You can buy as many grab bags as you want. Once all the grab bag numbers are chosen, she will give them away!

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*LivvyBug* said...

Awesome goodies! She will definitely be a doll in those outfits. I love that gray and yellow dress. I love that color combo! :)
Thumbs up for free clothes! As long as they aren't stained or too old/worn out, I think you got a good deal there.