Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #33

First off a couple of fun new blogs I've found for fashion! The Pleated Poppy has What I Wore Wednesday so go link up your fashions! I hope to turn Fashionable Fridays into a linky party, but want to have a fun button for it.
Another fabulous blog, my friend just created, Population 250. She also sells fabulous clothes too, BPriceless.

So I've been pretty sick (bronchitis, sinusitis and double ear infection) all while pregnant and with a 2 year old so my fashion has definitely been lacking. I'm almost better, but my energy is like 0 and any energy I have has been trying to get my house back in order. So here's a picture of me that I found recently when I was 17 weeks pregnant. Boy did I look skinny back then. I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant.

Dress (Motherhood Maternity), Tank (DownEast), Tights and Boots (Kohls), Headband (Essig Motif)

Here's me at Christmas. 22 weeks
Maternity Jeans and Maternity Top (Old Navy)

Here's me all sick last week (the picture on the right). Not great, but it's life right.
Yellow Shirt (Motherhood Maternity), Teal Shirt (Shade), Shorts (Old Navy)

In other news, in case you haven't heard, we're having a baby GIRL!!!! Complete shocker, but I'm getting more and more excited. Hopefully I can still remember to make myself look good and not just my little girl. Here's some clothes we bought when we found out it was a girl. Oh and several friends have given us clothes already too - girls sure get spoiled. Everyone must love shopping for baby girls!

All clothes are from K-Mart and Wal-mart since those are the two stores we have in town. The rest are 30+ minutes away, but I'll be saving up and going there soon to shop. Plus there's tons of online shopping to be done!

5 crafty contributions:

Brittany Rae Munk said...

YOu look so good!! I love your blog by the way, did your husband do it?? Thank you for the shoutout- I am doing a giveaway soon so you'll have to check it out. Also i would love to do be a guest blogger- thank you Maryanne!

--- brittany

Sarah said...

Looking good!!

I remember when I was buying baby clothes for my son I would always find better sales for girl stuff. It's nice to be able to take advantage of those now.

When my son was born I got lots of sleepers for gifts. And when my daughter was born she got lots of dresses. So I had to go and buy her more sleepers- haha!

It just seems like there are MORE cute girly things. Congrats again- sooo excited for you!! :)

Kaysi said...

You are so cute!! Congrats on having a girl, that is super exciting!! You will love it! :)

paint that nail said...

You look so much better this week!! and the baby cloths are so cute!

janene said...

Love the dress! So cute!