Monday, June 4, 2012

66th Mommy Mondays

On Saturday, I walked in the March of Dimes walk in Idaho Falls to show my support for several of my friends who have had babies born too early - for Braden (29 weeks), Caden (32 weeks, 5 days), and Jeremy (33 weeks) and many more. These babies are all doing great today. Braden is almost 4. Caden is 18 months and Jeremy is 14 months.

I designed and made these shirts for the group, I walked with, Braden's family and some friends to show my support - all of the fronts say something different. Hopefully in a couple weeks, I'll have some groups shots showing the shirts. =) I designed these shirts like this keeping Braden in mind - he loves Cars.

I got to hear another family's story before the walk started, I just tear up hearing these stories - these miracles of babies who fight so hard and parents fighting with them. It just amazes me to feel God's love.

We did a 3 mile walk around the Green Belt by the Idaho Falls temple. It was gorgeous. It rained right at the beginning of the event, but once we started walking, it cleared up and the sun came out. I pushed about 60-65+ lbs. of kids in my double stroller.

By the end of the walk, my left leg was hurting and boy was I hot. I even dumped water on my head - hey my hair is super dark! It felt lots better. They had fun activities afterward for the kids. My son even got his face painted for the first time and even I had my daughter do it too. It felt great participating.

Later that night, I reread some of my pregnancy moments with my daughter and how painful it was those last weeks before she was born. I am so glad that I'm not pregnant right now. Even though it was so painful and I had such a hard time with her pregnancy, I am grateful that my body was able to endure it and keep her inside for as long as she needed to grow and same with my son. I am grateful to have had full-term babies (born 12 days and 8 days early) over weeks and weeks early.

Have you had a preemie baby? Do you have friends who have had preemies?

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