Monday, June 11, 2012

67th Mommy Mondays

How many teeth did your kid get in one month?

My daughter is working on her 6th tooth (4 molars, bottom 2 teeth next to the bottom middle) that I can see in the past month!! for a total of 12 teeth. Ouch! Explains the trouble sleeping and screaming/crying she's been doing. It's hard to get in her mouth, without getting bit, to check.

Here's the face she has been pulling lately (a mild version of it) that makes us laugh. She does this when she's mad at us or when she doesn't like what we tell  her. She usually scrunches up her nose more and her eyebrows are closer together when she's really mad.

Do your kids pull some pretty funny faces?

1 crafty contributions:

Sarah said...

Haha! Her mad face is pretty cute!

My daughter (age 2) gives us lots of sassy looks filled with disgust & attitude. We call them her stink faces. She loves to crinkle up her nose and look like there is an unpleasant odor. She's hilarious & frustrating with her attitude.

She's lucky she's cute!