Monday, June 25, 2012

68th Mommy Mondays

Last Tuesday, my daughter turned 14 months! It sure keeps going by fast. She is still nursing and now using her pacifier religiously! Yikes! She was doing well until 6 more teeth came in and now she wants her pacifier all the time and has been nursing a lot again. Hopefully those molars will pop through all the way soon so I can attempt the process of weaning her once again.

I think she loved the pudding =)

Interesting things about her is that she loves babies and purses and now she's been really into shoes! It amazes me how girly she is at such a young age! She actually likes walking in shoes - everyone's shoes and begs us to put them back on her every time they fall off. Although, she's such a girly girl, she also knows how to do the vroom vroom noise with cars - it was too cute to see her playing with tractors and cars with her brother making the noises like he does =D I love being a mom!

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