Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wellness Wednesday #6

Two weeks ago, I got to meet a great guy, Danny, explain more about the  dōTERRA essential oils. He and his wife have been with them basically since  dōTERRA started 4-5 years ago. Just by talking with him and hearing his story about how his son received respiratory support through the oil, Breathe, I felt even better about using the oils more and more within my home and with my children.

Interested in learning more about them or trying a free sample:, let me know. Or check my website:

Last week, I had some major cramps (I rarely get bad cramps), so I looked up what oil to use and Lavender was an option. I put some on my stomach and instantly, my cramps were soothed. I could still feel them, but they weren't uncomfortable. Almost like when I had my baby, I could feel the pressure, but not the pain of it. It was so awesome! Lavender is a great oil that has so many uses! Remember it's also great for skin irritations when you've been in the sun too long as stated in a previous post =)

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