Friday, June 22, 2012

91st Fashionable Fridays

I found these red shoes at the DI and wanted to wear them. Then this necklace, I bought for like $4 at an auction at Sweet and Chunky Jewels. She threw in the ring for free =) I wore black instead of the top I wore with my pattern mixing outfit to make the necklace stand out more.

Red Tank- I think
Black Shirt - Clothing Swap
Skirt - Clothing Swap
Flower in my hair - Paparazzi by Jana

Necklace $4 - I fell in love once I saw it on the Sweet and Chunky Jewels auction
Earrings - Payless in a pack of 3

Shoes Thrifted: $4

2 crafty contributions:

Livvy said...

GREAT thrift find!
you look beautiful! love red and black.

Jessica Gomez said...

Great fashion stuff.. I love the necklace..

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