Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog Swappin' Time!

Hello All!
It's Katie here from Kate's Craft Corner. Maryanne is letting me take over her blog for the day to share a fun little tutorial with you. But first let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a SAHM of two beautiful and energetic little girls ages 3 and 1. They keep me busy from 7-8 and sometimes throughout the night...but thats only when I am lucky (ha ha ha). My husband works for St. Luke's Hospital as a nurse and is still working on furthering his schooling. It will be another five or six years before we are no longer students. What a day that will be!! In the meantime I have a small little blog/hobby to help keep me sane. I enjoy working on crafts and sewing, but can't afford to make and keep it all. That's how Kate's Craft Corner came to be. I have a selection of premade items and I also do customizations. There is also a page of tutorials. Which leads me on to our little project - a crayon roll.

What you need:
First decide what size of crayons/pencils you are going to be putting in your roll. If using the small crayons, cut one 9x17 piece from two coordinating fabrics. I used flannel. If you are placing pencils in your roll, cut one 9x17" from three coordinating pieces. You need a 20" piece of ribbon to use as a tie. Use 1/4" seam allowance. Sorry no pictures for the big one...I'll try my best to explain it though.

Step one:
Small- Place right sides together and sew all the way around but leave a 3-4" opening for turning it right side out. Cut your corners at an angle to make a nice corner when it's turned. When you turn it you should have a very small looking blanket.
Big- Fold the piece that will be used for the pockets in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Now your going to make a sandwhich with your pieces. Place one piece of fabric right side up down on your table. Now place your folded piece on top of that, lining up raw edges. (The fold should be halfway up.) Now place your other piece right side down on top. Sew as above but leave your opening in the middle of one of the 9" sides. You will be placing your ribbon in the opening later for your tie. Trim corners. When you turn it, it should have one big pocket - right?

Step two:
Small- Lay your material down so that the outside is on the bottom. Tuck in your raw edge to even it up with the rest of the material. Take the bottom and fold it up just over half way to create your pocket. Fold your ribbon in half and stick the folded edge between the fold of your material. Place it right next to the top of the fold - so it's in the middle of your material. Now sew all the way around your fabric to create a nice finished edge. Be sure to catch the raw edge and the ribbon.
Big- Remember the opening in the middle of your 9" edge? Well stick your folded ribbon into that hole about a half an inch. Make sure your edges are turned under and even and sew all the way around. Be sure to catch your raw edges and ribbon.

Step three-
This appies to both. Decide if you want crayon slots all the way across or if you want to leave a small pocket for paper or 'stuff'. Measure one inch slots for the crayons all the way across and mark/pin. Or if you are going to have a pocket just mark/pin it to where the pocket will start. I suggest a 4-6" pocket and make it on the side with the tie.

Now sew from the bottom to the top of your pocket on all of your marks/pins. Then slide in those little colorful tools, roll it, tie it, and let 'em go at it!

Be sure to check out my other tutorials HERE for more easy and fun ideas. Through January I will give you all a 10% discount to Kate's Craft Corner. When ordering just let me know you saw this tutorial- or you can email me at katescraftcorner@yahoo.com .

Thanks for letting me take over for the day Maryanne!!

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