Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feeling Fabulous Week 2

Monday, January 11th
  • gave 5 compliments to 5 different people
  • wrote on personal blog
  • 10 minutes reading the Book of Mormon
  • learned a new word from flagitious-scandalous - interesting that my spell check says it's wrong.
  • drank 64oz. of water; it was easier to do, but boy every time I do it I feel like I'm pregnant all over again-having to go to the bathroom constantly
  • 3 servings of fruits & veggies: large salad, mandarin oranges, veggie pasta sauce
  • fun inside the house-piggy back rides with my son, tickling, etc.
  • house clean before bed
  • cleaned out James' kitchen cupboard
  • got dressed for the day and showered in the morning (usually I shower at night)
  • finish a craft: Made a Scrappy Canvas for my friend's son's baptism. He loves the color pink, but is starting to get made fun of for liking it. So I did my best to make a boyish piece with some pink.

Tuesday, January 12th
  • word of the day: torpor \TAWR-per\ , noun;

    1. Lacking in vitality or interest.
    2. A state of mental or physical inactivity or insensibility.
    3. Lethargy; apathy.

  • wrote in my personal blog
  • 10 minutes reading the Book of Mormon
  • Ate dinner at the table with no distractions
  • drank 64 oz. of water
  • 3 servings of fruits and veggies: same as Monday
  • fun inside the house: Activity Days (church-related) - we made pinatas...we still need to work on them more though and add more layers.

  • house clean before bed
  • finish a craft: a couple of scrapbook pages

  • cleaned out cupboard
  • go dressed
  • exercised for 30 minutes: Your Shape. It was pretty funny because my son was still awake and he'd play peek-a-boo with himself because he could see himself on TV with the camera that goes with the game.
  • stuck to my schedule to a T....this one is hard because if baby is off schedule; then I'm off. I wonder if I could count it for other days if we do everything in order, but not at the time it says?
Wednesday, January 13th

  • onus \OH-nuhs\ , noun;

1.A burden; an obligation; a disagreeable necessity.

2.a: A stigma. b: Blame.

3.The burden of proof.

  • gave compliments
  • wrote in blog
  • 10 minutes reading Book of Mormon and my LDS Fiction book, How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini
  • 3 servings of fruits and veggies
  • fun inside the house: we had to make do since everyone canceled on the play group
  • house clean before bed
  • finished some more scrapbook pages

  • got dressed
  • no TV which was super hard especially when everyone canceled on play group so the day went really really slow!

Thursday, January 14th

  • draconian : excessively harsh; severe. (ha Mike uses something similar in his WoW game)

  • gave compliments
  • wrote in blog
  • 10 minutes of reading How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini, LDS Romantic Fiction book
  • 3 servings of fruits and veggies: a whole lot of Schwans veggies were the main ones
  • fun inside the house, of course with James
  • finished more scrapbook pages

  • got dressed
Friday, January 15th
  • gave compliments
  • 10 minutes reading and finished How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini, LDS Romantic Fiction book
  • 3 servings of fruits and veggies: lots of Schwans veggies
  • fun inside the house
  • fun outside of the house-we went to the library and did other errands and later that night we went to our neighbor's birthday party. We were the oldest ones there...freak! He turned 22...his wife is 23 and everyone else there was 22ish I think. So you know, I'm 25 and my husband is 28.

I got all glammed up for the party so I took a picture. I set this on a time and James jumped into the picture too =D

  • finished the 12x12 scrapbook for my somewhat simple winner

  • got dressed

Saturday, January 16th
  • gave compliments
  • wrote in blog
  • 10 minutes reading Book of Mormon: read in Alma 36 about being tormented for 3 days with your sins....that's scary, I would feel awful. I get guilty kind of easy so I was thinking about what kind of pain will I feel to remember all of my sins....good thing we can repent
  • learned new word:

    countervail\kown-tur-VAYL\ , transitive verb;

    1.To act against with equal force, power, or effect; to counteract.

    2.To compensate for; to offset; to furnish or serve as an equivalent to.

  • mailed handwritten note to somewhat simple winner with her scrapbook and to my friend and her son with the Baptism Canvas I made on Monday
  • drank 64 oz. of water - I sure had to go to the bathroom tons especially last night during our home date
  • 3 servings of veggies: clementines and Schwans veggies
  • fun inside the house- playing with James and Mike
  • fun outside the house-went to Wal-mart and pushed James around in the thanks to Mike James like to stand in the cart instead of sit in it...
  • house clean before bed: Mike and I did a lot of cleaning while James was asleep - spotless!
  • worked on a baby calendar scrapbook
  • got dressed

Sunday, January 17th
  • wrote in blog
  • 10 minutes reading the Book of Mormon in the morning this time
  • learned a new word: apposite \AP-uh-zit\ , adjective;

    1.Being of striking appropriateness and relevance; very applicable; apt.

  • tried a new recipe: Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry. Not bad, a little salty so I'll probably add more water next time. The recipe was a little confusing, but I figured it out. You cook the meat first, then take it out, cook the veggies and then mix and cook it all together.

  • 3 servings of fruit and veggies: clementines, broccoli, lettuce and tomato on my sandwich
  • fun inside the house
  • fun outside the house - Primary Singing Time
  • house clean before bed

Total: 74 points so way better than last week. Still not enough to get on the top 10, but oh well. My goal for next week is 100 points. Still need to work on Fabulous Body and Diet -not my strong suit. I like my sweets and it's hard to exercise with baby around... Since I'm still not getting enough sleep, no way am I waking up early to go work-out.
Again there's 2 weeks left to somewhat simple's Feeling Fabulous Challenge. Go check it out! Checklist at the bottom of her site!

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