Saturday, January 30, 2010

Craft Fair

The Craft Fair I participated in was super fun! Although I didn't sell anything - not many people came even though it was advertised quite well. It was great to talk to other women there selling their crafts.

My son had to be with me for part of the time - right during his nap time because his daddy had a meeting to go to for work, but James did super great. All the women complimented how well behaved he was for a 14 months. He didn't get into other people's stuff, but he did kiss the windows a lot. =D

So I forgot to take a picture while I was there. I was going to have my husband take a picture of me there, but then he was late so I just started taking everything down. But I set all back up at my home so you could see!

All items will be back on sale on my Already Made site if interested in anything. Don't forget about Valentine's Day coming up!

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