Monday, January 25, 2010

Friend Making Monday

GO link up at aefilkins to join the fun. I thought this was such a fun idea! Leave me comment if you do this too so I can remember to look at yours. Thanks!

*I decided to go and take pictures for some of these things because I sometimes think posts without pictures are kinda excuse the mess of my house in some of these =D

Outside my window... Big fluffy snowflakes falling across the large open field behind my home

I am thinking.... about too many things, mostly everything that I need to get done- craft fair on Saturday, blogging, cleaning, etc.

I am thankful... my little boy is finally starting to sleep through the night!!!! He's 13 months old. Oh and I got my first 7+ hours of sleep since he's been born. I went straight to bed after he did and didn't bother cleaning the house before bed. I'm still happy this morning even though the house is a little messy - I guess it was a good trade-off. Sleep or clean house

I am praying... that my mom's heart is doing better and the she stays away from heavy stress....doesn't she look too young to be having heart problems. She is now able to work again and her next check-up is in April, but I still worry.

I am reading... continually reading the Book of Mormon, but I just finished Saving Madeline and am about to start Hunger Games because I've heard so many people talk about it.

I am creating... a baby scrapbook this week for a giveaway winner that has blues and browns

From the kitchen... baked some Schwans Monster Cookies: peanut butter cookies with oatmeal, chocolate chips and M& yummy! (I know it's still morning-haha...I have a major sweet tooth)

Around the house... has been straightened up some and laundry has been one puts the cereal back or throws away the milk carton...bah! =D

One of my favorite things... my scrapbook room - even though it's messy at times, it's my little getaway even though my son can easily come into it too

A few plans for the rest of the week... today- finish pinatas, Activity Days-making pies on Tuesday, visiting teaching on Thursday, craft fair on Saturday, church and Primary lesson on Sunday. Through the week-making the baby scrapbook

7 crafty contributions:

Christina said...

I love your scraproom. I am currently trying to overhaul mine but its hard when you are military and move evey 3 years what works forone hose will not always work for another. Happy FMM!

Too Tired Tesa said...

Congrats on you son sleeping through the night. That is always such a big milestone. I hope your mom does well staying away from stress and, yes, she does look far too young to have heart problems.

I hope those cookies taste as good as they look! Yum!

Happy FMM!

sandy said...

Yay for sleep! The cookies look delicious!

Meka said...

I love your craft room!! I wish you could come help me make my bow area look that great! I like how you are facing the room instead of the wall!

Paige said...

The cookies look delicious! Hope you have a great week. Happy FMM!

Something Special said...

yes, you just got to have a scrapbooking space, or room. I am in mine all the time! I am getting ready to have a little giveaway myself. watch for it on my blog!
By the way, I am LDS too.

Scrappy Gifts said...

Wow love all the new "friends." Thanks for all the comments!