Saturday, January 2, 2010

Accomplishments and Goals

I shared my "business" goals and accomplishments on Scrappy Gifts, but I felt I should share with readers my personal goals and accomplishments too, so here they are!

Accomplishments of 2009

Goals for 2010
  • tone my tummy before we have another baby (I probably only have 3-6 months before we try for another baby though)
  • Finish the Book of Mormon
  • Make dinner 5 times a week (I think I can do this especially with the help of Pocket Full of Posies: Perfect Pocket Meal Planning) (I'm just bad coming up with what to eat)
  • Complete 5 projects from my Crafty Goals especially a T-Shirt Quilt, Felt Potato Head and Message Board
  • spend more quality time with my husband by having weekly dates - since we're still poor, most will be Home Dates once our son is asleep, but we' re committed to going out every other month and getting a baby-sitter
  • wean my 1 year old from nursing - in progress, but so so hard - he loves to nurse!
  • get on a schedule and stop wasting so much time

**I'd love to hear your accomplishments and goals so leave a link or just let me know one of your goals and accomplishments.

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