Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ladybugs and Lilypads Children's Boutique

I was browsing around and found this cute site, Ladybugs and Lilypads. It has lots of things that I would want for my nursery and future play room. All someday when we get a real house. We'll see if I get my dream house, but here's some of the items that I would want from her site for my nursery and play room.

NURSERY: so my nursery already has a star theme with the light blue and celery green colors and yellow stars.

What a cute photo holders frame: then you can change up pictures when you want.

I need this stool soon. I'm short and I currently have my crib at it's lowest setting so to get my son in, I have to stand on my tippy toes and try not to squash my stomach to get him in. When I have another baby, hopefully we'll get him into a toddler bed because I have no idea how I'll get him into the crib without a stool.

PLAY ROOM: For my play room if I ever get one, I want bright colors like the red, yellow, green and blue. I've already made these cute scrappy canvas and matching clock for it that incorporates these colors along with stars.

This table even has stars with it!!

Great to put the favorite books that are used the most in here.

This site doesn't just have furniture and decor, but it has everything....maternity clothes, clothes for mom, shoes, clothes for babies and kids (check out the birthday shirts or older sibling shirts), kids accessories: luggage, bows, jewelry, etc., baby gear, bedding, diaper bags and more. You can even set up a gift registry or get a gift certificate. I love one stop shopping!

Also for all you mom-preneurs; check this link out and sell some of your stuff through her site!

Ladybugs & Lilypads Childrenfs Boutique

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