Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feeling Fabulous, Week 1

I've been participating in somewhat simple's Feeling Fabulous Challenge. Week 1 is coming to and end so I just wanted to report on how I have felt fabulous this week, and also challenge you to join in Week 2. The Feeling Fabulous Challenge Goals worksheet is at the bottom of her site!

Feeling Fabulous

Monday, January 4th
  • Gave 5 compliments to 5 people. Now since I only have 3 other people living in my house besides me: my husband, my 13 mo. son and my brother-in-law. I also did lots of complimenting through facebook or people's blogs. This one really helped me to comment on other people's blogs...normally I think oh they don't care about what I say, but I really wish more people would comment on my sites. So this made me really feel fabulous to give compliments to other people on their sites.
  • Wrote in my personal blog, sorry our family one is private.
  • 10 minutes of reading/meditation/personal time: it's hard for me to justify what personal time is for me so I made sure I read from the Book of Mormon for 10 minutes.
  • I tried a new recipe: Homemade Pizza, one of the recipes from Pocketful of Posies Perfect Pocket Meal Planning (this had definitely helped me this week to be cook dinner more often)

It was so yummy, just super huge since it rose so much. I need to make this again without any distractions from my toddler so that I can get it cooked before it rises so big. I'm craving it right now!
  • House clean before bed-instead of me going on the computer like I usually do once I put my son to sleep, I did all the dishes, wiped the counters down, put everything away and then walked around the whole house tidying up things here and there. Boy did it feel good and I wasn't stressed the next morning and grumpy.
  • I put my contacts in this morning and was dressed by 9am with a little bit of make-up. Now my pizza picture doesn't do me justice....I have to cook dinner late since my husband doesn't get home until 7pm from work. By that time, I'm pretty tired because I don't think I will ever meet the goal "get enough sleep" since my son has yet to sleep through the night consistently! I blame it on his 12 teeth!

Tuesday, January 5th

  • 10 minutes of reading the Book of Mormon
  • Drank 64oz. of this is a hard one especially when I drank tons of lemonade with dinner. So I was dying by the end of the day to get my last ounces in. I use 4 water bottles that you get from the store to help me gauge the 64 oz. The water bottles I have actually equal to about 67 oz when I reuse it 4x.
  • I tried another new recipe: Beef Enchiladas with homemade sauce. It was very bland so I tried adding a lot more chili powder and cumin, but I think it made us sick eating it for leftovers the next day. So I'll have to figure out another way to make that one taste more flavorful.
  • Fun outside of the house: I took my son to the Arctic Circle Play Place, new in our town. He loved it and I loved watching him! Well James loved this play place because he had easy access to it. He loved this short slide and would go down by himself and then try to climb back up it like other kids do.

    • Then we had fun at the library. There were 2 other babies that could walk that were around James' age. One little boy seemed like he had just learned to walk because he kept falling over. In fact when all three babies were near each other, James was the only one not to fall over. The little boy, Peter I found out, loved walking up to me and other people to give us a hug. James wasn't too jealous surprisingly. It was so cute to see all three of them walk around with each other and try to interact by touching each other.
      • House clean again before bed: this was a lot harder today since I was so tired from running around doing errands all day.
      • I finished a Scrappy Canvas piece for one of my Facebook Fans

      • I was dressed again especially since I had to go do errands today.

      Wednesday, January 6th
      • compliments
      • wrote in personal blog
      • read Book of Mormon
      • fun inside the house-no TV: played
      • house clean before bed
      • finish a craft: made another Scrappy Canvas for my somewhat simple 12 Days of Giveaways winner

      • got dressed for the day
      • no TV all day....tough especially when everyone else in the house wants to watch TV, but we did it.

      Thursday, January 7th
      • convinced the family to eat dinner without the TV on, score! They did it so I could get a point =D. It was great because my husband talked more about his day.
      • tried a new recipe: Chicken Broccoli casserole over rice...a little salty but overall good

      • house clean before bed
      • got dressed for the day

      Friday, January 8th
      • 5 compliments
      • wrote on our personal blog
      • mail handwritten letter/note....I wrote little notes with the Scrappy Canvas I sent to some giveaway winners
      • fun outside of the house: we went to the library and out to eat with my husband during his break
      • house clean before bed
      • cleaned out TV cupboard, all our batteries and Wii games and controllers were organized
      • got dressed for the day

      Saturday, January 9th
      • fun outside of the house: we went to McDonalds for a little treat of french fries and chocolate shake. It was the first time my husband saw our son play at a play place. James loved it of course and first thing he did was go straight up to a little girl and tried to hug her.
      • cleaned out one of our Lazy Susans
      • got dressed for the day-closer to the afternoon because I worked out
      • exercised for 30 minutes thanks to my Your Shape, Wii game HOUSE PARTY. I was chosen to host a house party. I had only 2 people come but they loved trying out the game as well as checking out Wii Fit Plus.

      Sunday, January 10th
      • gave compliments: mostly to our Primary class at church
      • wrote in my personal blog
      • read the Book of Mormon
      • fun outside of the house: played Follow the Leader and Choose the Right apples game with our Primary class
      • house clean before bed; my husband helped =D
      • got dressed for the day- have to look nice for church

      For Week 2, I want to work on Fabulous Diet and Fabulous Body more since those areas were really lacking last week. Then I have to do better on the weekends...I get distracted when my husband is home =D

      ***Note: I just saw the scores from people, the high score was 119 and then rest of the top 10 were in the I'm never going to win which is a little depressing. I though I was doing pretty well. I wonder if those high scorers are moms-sheesh how do they do that much-wonder women I guess! I don't even really care about the prizes...I just thought I was doing so well, but compared to others I guess I didn't do so hot.

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