Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Mania at Mama M's - Whoopsie Wednesday

Wednesday: Whoopsie Wednesday! Let's kick this off with a little support therapy! Nearly every mom I know, had a "whoopsie" with at least one (all?) of their kiddos...falling off the bed, bonking a little head going around the corner, a bent toe in a shoe...I've heard so many stories! And, I know we ALL feel horrible about those times, so let's share 'em!


Almost didn't want to participate in this one because the first story that came into my mind makes me feel like a horrible mother, but maybe I can get advice from you guys.

We were staying a friend's house who had lots of stairs. Our house has 2 mini half stairs. My almost 16 mo. old son at the time went slowly up the stairs and I waited for him at the top. He stopped at the midway landing and I told him to keep coming, but then he started to lose his balance. I started running down the stairs, but it was too late he fell down half a flight of stairs. My heart was pounding so badly and didn't want to stop. He cried for a few moments, but went right back up the stairs. I figured he must have been okay since he didn't cry long. Am I horrible mom?! I still feel horrible about it. I should have stayed closer to him. He's really great at climbing stairs and we practiced all day climbing down those stairs since he doesn't know how to climb down stairs since we don't have any big ones to practice on at our house. Should I have had him checked out? I'm paranoid now that he's messed up his brain or something.
How old would you wait until you trusted your child with stairs without supervision?

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Mama M. said...

Oh, Maryanne!

I know exactly how you feel...but, I will tell you something a pediatrician once told me...

I was working one day, and got a phone call from my hubby that one of the kiddos had fallen down the stairs...panicked, I went to the peds unit to talk with the pediatrician on-call...

She smiled at me gently, and said, 'If a child can survive childbirth, they can survive a tumble down the stairs."

Made me feel so much better! But, with that being you know what to watch for?

Dizziness, unsteadiness (unusual), vomiting, excessive sleepiness, unequal pupils, loss of consciousness...those are definitely the things you should bring them in for!

Falls down stairs stink...and no, I don't think you were wrong to not be by him!

Hugs to you!!

vanita said...

Maryanne, Little ones are resilient. I've got 4 kids and I think my toddler Damian has had more head boo boos and falls then all my kids put together. He's never once shown any of the signs Mama M. mentioned.
And no, you weren't wrong to not be by his side. Toddlers need a little bit of independence.