Monday, May 17, 2010

2nd Mommy Mondays

Lately I feel like I've been wasting a lot of time especially on the computer, but I always have something to do on the computer that it's hard for me to keep up with scrapbooking. I work on my 2 main blogs, family blog and sometimes recipe blog. I need to work on my 2008 and 2009 family blog books and my son's ABC book (I'm making it using my free code). I check my family e-mail, junk e-mail and business e-mail. I upload pictures to share with family members and to get printed out. Check other blogs and I check facebook to keep up to date with friends and family. All of this I have to mainly do during nap time. Sometimes I try to do this stuff at night, but then at that time my husband is on his computer too so our internet connection gets really slow.

So in order for me to get more scrapbooking done, I've made a schedule for myself for what to do during nap time. Hopefully it will help. I've started it some and I've felt a small difference. My goal is also to turn off the computer once nap time is over so I'm not attempted to check on things at night once my son is asleep.
I have touched on this a little bit in this post, but I think I need to have more of schedule so I'm not wasting time.

Here's my schedule. Leave comments on tips and suggestions or share what your schedule is with your free time. I know there are so many Mommy Bloggers out there that have posts everyday so how do you do it?

Of course this isn't set in stone. I've very big on flexibility.

  • check e-mails because if I don' junk e-mail (surveys, online shopping, blog subscriptions, baby/toddler info, etc.) gets 100+ messages
  • Mommy Mondays posts
  • catch-up on any TV shows I missed last week
  • check-out other blogs on my blog list
  • scrapbooking or work on blog books
  • Deeper Cleaning
  • NO computer
  • Family Blog
  • Deeper Cleaning
  • write to my Brother-in-law who is serving a mission in Mexico
  • Family Blog
  • upload photos or scrapbook

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