Monday, May 31, 2010

4th Mommy Mondays

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you're having a fun day. We're mostly cleaning around here.

Just a quick Mommy Mondays today! My son is 18 mo. old (as of yesterday) and officially weaned from the pacifier! Still working on getting him to sleep longer through the night though. He'll sleep 9pm-6am lately when it used to be 8:30pm-8am. Maybe he had a growth spurt (he is now 34.5 in. - 1 in taller than last month) and is just hungry faster lately. Hopefully because I need sleep! It's too hard for me to go to sleep right when he does so I can get 8 hours in too.

Love to hear any mom stories from you!

2 crafty contributions:

Sarah said...

Hopefully he sleeps better for you at night- soon! Not getting enough sleep is hard.

Holly said...

Oh, the long nights of little sleep. I know those!! Feeling for you mama...hope he gets back to normal!