Monday, July 11, 2011

48th Mommy Mondays

A couple people have asked me, how is it with 2 kids or how are you handling the adjustment of 2 kids? Truth - 2 kids isn't difficult for me. When I was pregnant there were moments where I was scared of having 2 kids especially in the middle of the night when my son would wake up. Now that I have my 2nd, it really hasn't been an adjustment at all for me in that area at least. I'm used to taking care a lot of kids. I did day care from when I was 18 until I was 23. I've handled 5 babies up to 15 mo. old before or other times: 5 toddlers 15-2 years old, or eight 2 year olds. I've done 12 3-5 year olds before too. Plus all of my elementary school experience when I was getting my degree in elementary education.
On Saturday, I had both kids with me out of the house pretty much all day from 9-5. I "worked" at my scrapbook class I teach and then I took both of them to the circus by myself. I'm just lucky to have a good 2 1/2 year old boy who doesn't run off.

The one hard adjustment was having 2 kids seriously sick so soon after our 2nd was born.....but now we've gone through that, we'll be able to handle all the little sicknesses easy.

I'd say the biggest adjustment though to having 2 kids instead of just the one is finding time to spend with your spouse! Our son doesn't take naps often anymore. He goes to bed now at like 9pm instead of 10-11pm when he was taking naps. Our baby girl is the most awake from 8-11pm so it's been a challenge to spend time with my husband who works 11:30-8pm. Our baby girl sleeps most of the morning, but our son is wide awake wanting some time with his dad before he goes to work. We don't really have money for babysitters and we're not good at asking people to baby-sit anyway. Then when we do find time, I feel like any minute we'll be interrupted by one or the other child.

So any suggestions/tips on how to spend time with your spouse when you have more than one kid?
Sometimes the TV works for our son...or we could stay up really late after our baby girl goes to sleep, but I'm still in the tired stage (trying to catch up with life now that everyone isn't sick).
I just miss my husband.... I know this won't last forever. I'm glad we're not ready for any more kids any time soon =D

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