Friday, July 22, 2011

57th Fashionable Fridays

Here's what I wore to church on Sunday. I look kinda dumb with my posing. I was trying to pose all different and copy some other fashion blog posing, but I stink at it and need more practice =D

Just in case I have new readers, I want to share that I'm not a fashion expert by any means! I just have Fashionable Fridays as a way for me to actually get ready some days and look nice instead of sweats/robe and my hair in a bun with no make-up. In the 2 pictures I'm posting today, I actually have no make-up. Summer heat makes me lazy because I just sweat all day! I've been boring my husband's Degree deodorant to help me!

Anyway today I had a very busy day! I went to the bank, library, farmer's market and lastly a clothing swap all with my 2 kids. Have you ever been to a clothing swap!? I highly recommend them. The girl who did it took our clothes days/week before the swap and organized them. For every item we brought, we could trade it for a "new" item that someone else brought. I traded 20 of my pieces. You can trade clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses - anything a woman wears. I loved it especially since I'm in my in between stages with my weight from just having a baby. I was able to get shirts and pants that actually fit me and hide my baby belly for FREE! If we ever leave this town, I'll be hosting my own clothing swaps in the future.

Here's one shirt that I got at the swap! I love the sleeves on it - perfect for the summer heat.

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