Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eden Fantasys

If you read my Mommy Mondays post about trying to find time with my husband, then one other thing that is difficult is being in the mood when you do find time to spend together. I'm always thinking that one child or the other will interrupt us so I feel like we have to hurry. One thing I think that would be helpful is for me to wear something that I feel good in and helps me be in the mood.
Have you heard of Eden Fantasys I heard about them on another blog and thought they had some cute things to create that romantic feel. They have some cute lingerie. I've been looking for a long black gown like this one for a while. Unfortunately locally, all I have is a small Victoria's Secret nearby with very little lingerie so shopping online at Eden would help me. I also love this short piece. I think it would hide my baby belly well and accentuate my top (thanks to nursing).

They also sell some mood candles. The sense of smell is powerful so it can be really helpful. Having the bed with rose petals is really simple way to set the mood. The bed of roses set comes with petals and candles.
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