Friday, July 29, 2011

58th Fashionable Fridays

I'm still working on my posing so don't make fun! =D I need to watch more America's Next Top Model!

Anyway here's a blazer that I also got at the Clothing Swap. I was wearing a different skirt than this one, but my baby girl pooped all over me again! She gets more poop on me than on her clothes. I had to leave church to go and change so I wore this skirt instead.

Here's an outfit I wore to a FHE, my neighbors had. They did a mini concert with her brother singing a bunch of songs. My kids were fussy, and it was a really hot evening so I was totally sweating trying to get ready, dessert to share made, etc. Seeing this picture, I probably should have added a belt to give me more shape.
This shirt I also got at the clothing swap.

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bcriminger said...

I want to have a clothing swap near me!!