Monday, January 31, 2011

32nd Mommy Mondays

Why can't the prenatal vitamin give you everything you need?

So I had a really bad leg cramp Wednesday early morning - Saturday evening. It was really bad Wednesday and Thursday and slowly started getting better Friday. Luckily my 27 week Baby Center e-mail was about leg cramps:

It says I probably need more magnesium in my diet. I checked my prenatal vitamin, and it doesn't even have magnesium in it! Sheesh. I guess I'm tired of having to take so many pills especially since I was so sick a couple weeks ago.

Anyone know what foods have magnesium in it? Friends also suggested potassium. I was finally able to buy bananas on Friday so maybe that helped. I also tried to increase my water intake more which of course causes me to go to the bathroom even more! I did stretches all day especially before bed, took warm baths. This leg cramp (in my right calf) took forever to go away. It just made me so nervous about getting a blood clot, but my leg never looked swollen or had any red patches.

I'm grateful to be pregnant, but I'm just not very good at taking care of myself especially with a 2 year old. How do you take care of yourself?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #35

I did a little trade with Kristen from Bingo Pajamas. She sent me a beautiful red cowl and a black beanie. I had a little too much fun taking pictures with my cute stuff.

Here's the red cowl with sequins.

I'm wearing it like a scarf around my neck.

Here it is on my head.

Here it is as a scarf/shrug thing.

Now as a shrug.
I could see myself wearing it to church like this.

Here's the beanie and the cowl together

The beanie with my coat

Again the beanie and cowl together this time with my coat - all toast and warm!

Thanks again Kristen for these beautiful items!

What was your favorite look of how I wore the cowl?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crafts To Do List - Check!

With being sick with nastiness for almost 4 weeks (I'm pregnant so it took a while to get rid of), I've have been way behind on everything in life. I've been better for almost 2 weeks now and I've been able to keep up with the laundry and dishes pretty well again. These last couple days, I've been able to finish quite a few crafts and other projects.

Rosette Flower Headbands for friends and Handmade Pay it Forward

Rosette Frame for UCreate's Challenge and Handmade Pay it Forward

Valentine Cards for Creative Scrapbooking Divas Swap and to giveaway at my Online Scrap Crop this weekend!

Blog Designs - combined effort of my talented illustrator husband and me the last week or so. Click on this link to see our creations so far.

Link up things you've finished on your To-do List over at Crystal's Craft Spot!

Still to do in Near Future like by the end of this week!

Still to do before Baby Girl comes in April

  • Son's Car Mat - need some more funds and a lot of time for this
  • Peg Board/Coat Rack
  • Extra Bow Holder - someone is making one for me, but I think I might need 2 already! =D

What's on your To Do List?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rosette Flowers Scrappy Canvas

I participated again in UCreate's Create With Me. For January, the theme was Rosette Frames. There's about 4 more days to participate and get your entries in!

Once I saw this, I definitely knew exactly what I was going to do.

I made braided rosettes and put mine on a photo matte that I had leftover.

Then I put it on a canvas embellished with scrapbook paper and embellishments.

It can hold a 4x4 picture.

This is going to be a surprise gift for someone who's participating in Handmade Pay it Forward 2011.

Monday, January 24, 2011

31st Mommy Mondays

So this weekend, I read an article in the latest Redbook magazine about our little girls growing up too fast in today's society. It sure made me a little more nervous about having a girl.

They say it can start with calling our little girls princesses (I have no intention calling my girl a princess as a nickname - this girl that my husband liked back in high school was nick named that and I did not like her) where we can tend to focus on beauty with them so much at an early age. It talked about taking our girls to get their nails done, etc. All this instead of remembering to compliment them on other things like physical activity or being smart.

How do you moms of girls balance teaching this to your little girls?

As a Latter-Day Saint, I'm not too worried about it because I know that if I bring her up the best I can in the gospel she'll be wonderful. I guess I just got a little worried because I've bought tutus, hair clips and pettiskirts. Girls are just fun to dress up! I have dreams of her dancing, scrapbooking, playing basketball or volleyball, etc. too.

Also other LDS Moms of girls, when do you start teaching about modesty? Modest dress is such a huge thing for me. College girls don't seem to understand how important that is in preparation for going to the temple and being sealed to your husband. I think I plan on not dressing my baby, toddler, child girl in tanks, short shorts or skirts. Lots of shirts/onesies look just as cute under a tank dress or cute cardigans. Is that extreme to do? I'd love opinions.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #34

Well this week I actually did a lot of shopping for this baby girl so I thought I'd share what I found...

Monday, I headed out of our little town with a friend and our boys and went to the mall (30-40 minutes away). We looked at Sears (lots of cute dresses on sale, but I already had that one dress that was only $4-$5), Motherhood Maternity and then Old Navy where we hit a good sale: 40% off their clearance prices!
  • Warm Bunting Outfit ($3.50)- Yes I understand I'm due at the end of April, but last year in Idaho in snowed in May!
  • 12 mo. sweater
  • 12 mo. pajama dress

Then my friend persuaded me to go to Kohls (I knew I could be in trouble there!)
  • 9 mo. white dress (hoping to use as a blessing dress-but we're not sure when we'll be blessing her)

Then I get to the checkout and found out I got the 30% off coupon!!!! You have to use that! So of course I went back! I also bought my son a winter coat for next year($14 after all the discounts, originally $80), some new Look and Find books, a choo choo train shirt and Elmo Pajamas (he loves Elmo but especially loves trains - this was the first clothing item, he went and got to bring to me to put it on him).
  • 3 mo. jeans ($3?)
  • 6-9 mo onesies (all three under $5)
  • 6-9 mo dress
  • hat was $2 at Gymboree
I tried to buy clothes that weren't pink - you would think they would have more yellow and other colors for girls.

 Then on Wednesday, I went to this thrift store especially for moms and kids. I bought some more items all under $3.50 each. I love overalls!
  • 3 overalls
  • 1 overall dress
  • 1 dress thinking for Easter 2012
  • yellow dress
  • bathing suit
  • crib sheet

Where I really scored, was all the clothes that I got for FREE!!! The thrift store lady was going to donate the items she didn't want for her store to our big thrift store, DI, but we asked to take them. My friend and I sorted through 7+ garbage bags of items and I walked away with 1 full garbage bags of girls clothes and a couple of clothes for my son.
Lots of pink! I think she might be good for clothes up until 9 months.

How do you feel about second hand items? I don't typically go for them and search, but ever since I find out we're having a girl, I've been really worried about money and all the things we're going to need just because we're going to have a girl. So I'm extremely grateful for anything especially FREE! Not everything is in style, but oh well.

I've already spent money over at The Crafty Moms too. On their FB page, she's been having bids on a lot of items so I've saved $10-$20 on her stuff just by bidding. I'll be getting tutus, leg warmers, clips, pettiskirt, pom pom dress, etc. in the mail soon! She'll be super cute with these!

What are your favorite stores, online shops, etc. for great deals for you, husbands, kids? Any great deals you've had recently?

Speaking of deals, Meggie Moo's Baby Boutique is having a Grab Bag Prize Contest on her FB page. Each grab bag is $5 which includes shipping of the item too! You have a chance of winning these big items Pettiskirt, Pettiskirt, Ruffled Petti-top, Customized tutu, Customized tutu, Petti Romper, Petti Romper, Pair of boots, Pair of boots, Pair of leg warmers, Fairy Wings. So 11/50 things are big tems. The rest you are guaranteed to get either a crochet headband with a flower, crochet hat, or kufi hat. All of these items cost over $5 anyway so you're saving money! You can buy as many grab bags as you want. Once all the grab bag numbers are chosen, she will give them away!

Monday, January 17, 2011

30th Mommy Mondays

This weekend, I went to my friend's baby shower. She had her sweet baby boy 7 weeks and 2 days early. He just got home from the hospital about 2 weeks ago.

Any advice for her with having a premie? Any good books about premies?

What are your favorite infant development books? Like What to Expect?

Any advice would be great to help her.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #33

First off a couple of fun new blogs I've found for fashion! The Pleated Poppy has What I Wore Wednesday so go link up your fashions! I hope to turn Fashionable Fridays into a linky party, but want to have a fun button for it.
Another fabulous blog, my friend just created, Population 250. She also sells fabulous clothes too, BPriceless.

So I've been pretty sick (bronchitis, sinusitis and double ear infection) all while pregnant and with a 2 year old so my fashion has definitely been lacking. I'm almost better, but my energy is like 0 and any energy I have has been trying to get my house back in order. So here's a picture of me that I found recently when I was 17 weeks pregnant. Boy did I look skinny back then. I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant.

Dress (Motherhood Maternity), Tank (DownEast), Tights and Boots (Kohls), Headband (Essig Motif)

Here's me at Christmas. 22 weeks
Maternity Jeans and Maternity Top (Old Navy)

Here's me all sick last week (the picture on the right). Not great, but it's life right.
Yellow Shirt (Motherhood Maternity), Teal Shirt (Shade), Shorts (Old Navy)

In other news, in case you haven't heard, we're having a baby GIRL!!!! Complete shocker, but I'm getting more and more excited. Hopefully I can still remember to make myself look good and not just my little girl. Here's some clothes we bought when we found out it was a girl. Oh and several friends have given us clothes already too - girls sure get spoiled. Everyone must love shopping for baby girls!

All clothes are from K-Mart and Wal-mart since those are the two stores we have in town. The rest are 30+ minutes away, but I'll be saving up and going there soon to shop. Plus there's tons of online shopping to be done!

Monday, January 10, 2011

29th Mommy Mondays - Guest Post

Still looking for some sponsors and guest bloggers for my Baby Shower Event in March. Click on the button above for more info. Grab a button to spread the word. I've edited it now to be 150px - sorry it was so large for those who've already grabbed it!

I'm excited to have a guest blogger here today. Check out this great article she wrote!

Baby Rooms on a Budget: 6 Affordable Accents for Your Nursery
Wendy Lau is a New York City-based mother, guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog, and a writer on accredited online colleges for the Guide to Online Schools.

Have a baby on the way? This is an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful period knowing there will be a lot more expenses. Your wallet will be empty a lot quicker with more items to add to the shopping list, including diapers, baby wipes, formula and, of course, toys. And then there's also the nursery room where you'll need a crib, mattress, changing table, dresser and more. While certain items are essential, the nursery room is actually an area where you can find a variety of accents that are decorative and affordable to creating a warm and welcoming environment for your newborn.

Here are six affordable, must-have accents for the nursery that is sure to make a charming nursery without emptying your savings account entirely. Many of these accents can also be used or last through your baby's entire childhood years.

1. Jungle Animal Bookends - $34.95
Before you know it, you will have a collection of books to read to your baby. These beautiful bookends will make good use of holding them all in order while adding color and fun to the nursery. Also, as your child grows and learns to read on her own, these bookends will continue to help keep her reading collection organized. The bookends are hand-painted with non-toxic, durable paints.

2. Celestial Full Moon Draw Knob - $14
Minor accents added here and there can make a great difference in creating a welcoming environment for your newborn. These hand-painted knobs offer original design and can be part of your child's room as she grows. The knobs are 2 inches wide and are made of wood, sealed with a non-toxic varnish. Each knob also comes with a 1-1/4 inch screw. Each knob is also dated and signed by the artist. To further personalize the knob, you may choose to add your child's name or add a message to the knob at no additional charge.

3. Growing Like a Weed Growth Chart - $17.95
It's amazing how quickly babies grow. A nursery room may feel incomplete without a growth chart to follow your baby's development. This growth chart is laminated and includes stickers to help mark special occasions and developments. The chart is 36 inches long by 10 inches wide and measures up to 5 feet.

4. Ladybug Automatic LED Nightlight - $14.98
A darkened room may help baby sleep better, but at some point your baby may develop a fear of darkness, and that's where a cute nightlight comes in handy. It's also a great help for the many nights you may be running into your baby's nursery room to check in on her while she's sleeping. This featured product serves as a portable nightlight and flashlight. Once recharged the LED flashlight may last up to 4 hours. The night light also features an automatic on/off photo sensor.

5. Mama & baby napping wooden sign - $9.50
Whether you hang it on the door or on the wall this wooden sign offers a nice touch and message to set the mood of the nursery. The sign is hand-crafted and -painted. The sign measures 6 inches.

6. Framed letter - $28
Decorate the nursery with a framed letter complete with a cute and simplistic design. Choose the first letter of your baby's name and soon enough she'll learn how to spell her name. Each frame measures 5 inches wide and long.

Having a baby can be expensive, but with a little creativity you can find unique and affordable products to make a charming environment and experience for baby. And the days of joy and happiness you have with your baby are priceless.


What fabulous ideas! I really like the book ends. What a great way to spice up a nursery. Also I like the napping sign - I could use one of those even when the baby is older! Leave a comment with what you think is a must have and affordable items for a nursery.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Movies I've seen in 2011

  • *****Inception PG-13 (1/9/11) Amazing movie - such creativity and geniusness had to go into that movie
  • *** Salt PG-13 (1/15/11) Cool action movie
  • *** Mean Girls 2 (1/23/11) Pretty similar to Mean Girls 1, but didn't seem as silly (like no one getting hit by a bus =D)
  • ***My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
  • ****Easy A (2/25/11)
  • *** The Other Guys (2/27/11)
  • ***A Christmas Carol (3/4/11)
  • ****The Sorcerer's Apprentice (3/6/11)
  • ***Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (3/9/11)
  • ****Despicable Me (3/10/11)
  • ***The Last Airbender (3/12/11)
  • ***Shrek Forever After (3/14/11)
  • ****Megamind (3/20/11)
  • ***The Next 3 Days (3/21/11)
  • ***Nanny McPhee Returns (3/22/11)
  • ***The Switch (3/24/11)
  • ****You Again (3/26/11)
  • ***The Other End of the Line (3/31/11)
  • ***Dinner for Schmucks (4/2/11)
  • ***All About Steve (4/2/11)
  • ***Tron (4/6/11)
  • ****Arthur (4/10/11) - saw in theaters - good combo of comedy with just enough romance
  • ****Morning Glory (4/10/11) - quite funny
  • ***My Future Boyfriend - ABC Family movie (4/11/11)
  • ****Step Up 3 (4/12/11)
  • ***The Nanny Express
  • ***Ramona and Beezus
  • ***Red
  • ***Elvis & Anabelle
  • ***Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure
  • ***How Do You Know
  • ***The Tourist
  • ***Alpha and Omega
  • ****My Sassy Girl
  • ***Legend of the Guardians
  • ***The Lazarus Project
  • ****Little Fockers
  • ***Hereafter - not the best endings...
  • ***Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (5.12.11)
  • ****The Social Network (5.14.11) - quite interesting, but he seemed to be put in a very bad light the whole movie...
  • ****Tangled (5.16.11)
  • ***Skyline (5.17.11) - almost a very bad movie....I was afraid the ending was going to be really bad, but it ended up being okay, but not great...
  • ***Gulliver's Travels (5.18.11)
  • ****Princess (5.20.11) - ABC Family movie
  • ****Devil (5.20.11)
  • ***From Prada to Nada (5.21.11) the previews scared me because it was all in Spanish, luckily the movie wasn't =D 
  • ***Flipped (5.22.11)
  • ****Unstoppable (5.26.11)
  • ***The Roommate (6.1.11)
  • ***Jonah Hex (6.4.11)
  • ***The Dilemma (6.9.11)
  • ***Waiting for Forever (6.15.11)
  • ***The Prince and Me 4 (6.18.11)
  • ***Coach (6.22.11)
  • ***Battle of Los Angeles (6.24.11)
  • ****I am Number 4 (6.24.11)
  • ***Minor Details (6.27.11)
  • Fair Game

Friday, January 7, 2011

Become a Sponsor for my Baby Shower Event!

I'll be hosting a Baby Shower Event, March 1st-14th filled with guest posts, reviews and giveaways!

I'm looking for people to sponsor the event.

Let me do a review and giveaway of your product, handmade item, service, etc (you don't have to be a business, you can just be a crafty person) and you'll get Free Advertising on my site for one month per $10 of your product. So if you are item is worth $50, you'll get 5 months of advertising! Your button will appear at the top of my blog instead of the side.
I'd especially love to review any baby girl items (since our 2nd baby is going to be a GIRL - big surprise for us - due April 27th), mom products, or things for my 2 year old son.

If you just want to do a giveaway of your item, then you'll get Free Advertising for one month on my site. Your button will appear on the side of my blog, currently where my sponsors are.

If you just want to be a sponsor and just have your button on my site, you can pay $10 for the month of March. Other months will be the regular sponsorship price.

If you have a mom tip, moment, tutorial that would help make something moms would need or like, then do a guest post on my site! I just need the HTML code of your post a week in advance of the event.

Leave a comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me at ScrappyDiva2129(at)yahoo(dot)com with what you'd like to do.

Fashionable Fridays #32

Here's Paint that Nail with another amazing nail design!



It's Fashionable Friday again! Today I'm going to show you how to do water marbling!

First I put a base coat. Then I put one coat of white nail polish that was Pure Ice- Super Star! Then for the actually colors I used to water marble were Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Purple Pulse and the other color was Ulta Salon Formula- Little Black Dress. Then I outlined certain lines in silver glitter.

What you need:

-Nail polish colors and Base/Top coat
-Toothpicks (to drag the nail polish with)
-Q-tips (clean around your finger and get excess nail polish in the cup and on your finger)
-Nail polish remover (pure acetone)
-Plastic cup or something you don't mind getting messy with nail polish and fill with room temperature water
-Vaseline or oil (put around your finger so it's easier to take off) 
-Paint brush (you could use the Q-tips but I like to use a paint brush to put the Vaseline on around my finger) 
-Napkins (to wipe off your toothpick and around your finger. 

What to do:

1-Add a base coat 

2-Put Vaseline or oil around your nail

3-Drop nail polishes into water. You can use as many nail polishes as you want, but don't drop the same color two times in a row because you won't see it. It can make your nail polish really thick.

4-Now swirl the nail polishes until you get a design that you like using a toothpick or something that has a point to it.
5-Dip your finger into the spot you like
6-Remove the nail polish around your finger by wiping off the nail polish and Vaseline. Once you finish all your nails use nail polish remover to get off the rest
7-Now you can put a Top coat or add some glitter on top and you're done!! 

This is very messy and it takes a little bit of time but its really cute when you're done! You might not get the hang of it the first time but keep trying and you will. The first time I tried I couldnt do it but now I can because I tried a couple more times!

Go follow and She is so amazing at all the creative things she does and is so nice for letting me do these on her blog!! I hope this helps! 


How creative! I love how each nail is different too! Be sure to check out her site for other awesome nail designs!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Handmade Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward 2011: I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must in turn post this, and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their blog.
*The rules are that it must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in the next 2 months (people tend to move before the year is up so I'm making this change).

Your comment must include the following information to help me out! =D
  • Name:
  • E-mail:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Favorite Color(s):
  • Anything else you'd like to share that would help me to know what to make for you:

Monday, January 3, 2011

28th Mommy Mondays

MINE MINE MINE! I'm really starting to hate these words -so annoying. What have you done to stop your child from saying this word? We never taught it to him. He learned it from a friend. Now it's even harder when the two of them play together because they don't share.

I started having my 2 year old say please instead of mine, but it doesn't fit in all cases.


Hope everyone has had a wonderful start to a New Year. I'd love to hear your goals for the New Year. You can link them up over here!

In other news we now have 9am church. I never thought I'd be so grateful for 9am church, but when you have kids that rely on a nap then it's perfect. My son went with his Nursery Leader to class and never looked back. He stayed the whole time and never cried. Woohoo! I had a feeling this was the solution. Knock on wood though, right!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I shared my "business" goals and accomplishments on Scrappy Gifts, but I felt I should share with readers my personal goals and accomplishments too, so here they are!

Accomplishments of 2010

Goals for 2011
  • potty train my 2 year old. He's ready. Then I got pregnant, then the holidays and then I got sick so once I'm better we'll be starting.....wish me luck!
  • Complete 7 Projects from my Crafty Goals especially a Car Mat for my son (it's in progress, but lack of money and knowledge has put it on hold) - hopefully I can do 7 especially after our 2nd child comes in April
  • Try 10 new recipes (kept kinda low because I might be relying on cooking favorites once I have baby #2)
  • start a blog design business with my husband - in progess!
  • work on getting babysitters more even if it's just time for myself or a date with my husband - James did great while we went to the temple (only cried for about 10 minutes toward the end and later when I asked him if he cried).
  • have FHE lessons centered in teaching my 2 year old (maybe work with the lessons he's learning in Nursery) - anyone have any great links/ideas for FHE lessons for 2 year olds???
  • pray and read scriptures every day
  • blog on my family blog once a week

Link up your accomplishments of 2010 and/or goals for 2011!

  1. Crafty Mommy Diva
  2. Sew Woodsy
  3. Creative Cowgirl
  4. Inside the Mind of Nicole
  5. Honor Crowned Crafts
  1. UFO Challenge!
  2. Life, Love, Green 2011 Aspirations
  3. Free Project Worksheet
  4. Luv, Laughter & Happily Ever After
  5. Goals for 2011 @ The Thriftress

  6. This linky list is now closed.