Friday, July 29, 2011

58th Fashionable Fridays

I'm still working on my posing so don't make fun! =D I need to watch more America's Next Top Model!

Anyway here's a blazer that I also got at the Clothing Swap. I was wearing a different skirt than this one, but my baby girl pooped all over me again! She gets more poop on me than on her clothes. I had to leave church to go and change so I wore this skirt instead.

Here's an outfit I wore to a FHE, my neighbors had. They did a mini concert with her brother singing a bunch of songs. My kids were fussy, and it was a really hot evening so I was totally sweating trying to get ready, dessert to share made, etc. Seeing this picture, I probably should have added a belt to give me more shape.
This shirt I also got at the clothing swap.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help Japan

With the recent earthquake and tsunami devastation in Japan, the two entities united to create a charitable opportunity to give back to the mothers and children in Japan. Our songwriters, Matt Palmer and Pascal Guyon, collaborated with a children's choir from HoriPro Music Academy to record and film Be Strong.

It is our hope that the song and video will inspire a donation to the mothers and children of Japan, who have long left our news headlines, but still face the reality of rebuilding their lives and the lives of their children, each day.

HORIPRO RELEASES MUSIC VIDEO TO RAISE SUPPORT FUNDS FOR JAPANLos Angeles, CA, June 2, 2011—Musicians from HoriPro Publishing and Music Instruction Academy offer “Be Strong.” in exchange for a donation to help mothers and children in Japan
In response to the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, HoriPro Entertainment Group songwriters Matt Palmer and Pascal Guyon teamed up to write an inspirational song dedicated to the mothers and children affected by this tragedy. A few weeks later, a choir of children from the Los Angeles HORIPRO Music Academy, ages 3-13, joined the effort to add their voices to the song, and make a music video to accompany their message of hope.

It is HoriPro’s intent to create awareness of the continued need for relief aid to the mothers and children of Japan. As such, HoriPro Entertainment Group is hosting a donation site,, offering a song/video package of “Be Strong.” available for download for a minimum donation of $5.00.
The campaign is designed to give contributors control over where their money is sent by allowing 3 options for charities focused on aiding mothers and children—UNICEF, Save the Children, or JOICFP. 100% of net proceeds will be delivered to the organization of their choice.
HoriPro is delivering the following official statement:
“Help spread the message of hope and support. Be Strong. Pass it on.”



HoriPro Entertainment Group (
Originally founded in 1960, HORIPRO has continued to be one of the preeminent total entertainment providers in Japan. Here in the United States, HoriPro Entertainment Group recently celebrated its 20th anniversary as a leading independent music publisher, representing the music of KISS, REO Speedwagon, Marilyn Manson, Jerry Reed, and more.

HORIPRO Music Academy (
With two locations in the Los Angeles area, HORIPRO Music Academy is a music instruction school focused on providing quality music education to hundreds of students throughout Southern California.

JOICFP is a non-profit organization that helps give back to women and mothers in disaster affected areas, focused on improving maternal health, responding to the reproductive health of women in devastation areas, as well as the delivery of diapers, sanitary napkins, and relief clothing for women and newborns .

UNICEF is a foundation focused on working with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease, and discrimination place in a child's path. UNICEF works in 190 countries through country programs and National Committees.

Save the Children
Save the Children is the leading independent organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in disaster-stricken areas by providing food, medical care, and education.

Lauren Reynaldo
Marketing/Press Manager, HoriPro
2372 Veteran Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-6005 x204

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ColorTime coupon

Beat the Heat
We're in the heart of the summer, and with that, some places are approaching nearly triple digits!
Rather than suffer through the high temperature, we suggest you
"Beat the Heat" with Colortime Crafts and Markers relief discount of
15% off your entire order!
Use code HEAT11 to receive your discount.
Offer expires 8/1/11

This coupon code may be used once. This discount is not to be combined with any other offers or discounts. This offer is for retail, online orders only and is not applicable to Wholesale orders.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July project

Here's what I made for a giveaway for Memories by Christine's Christmas in July. Check out all the fun ideas she has shared about Christmas!

I know I haven't been crafting too much. I'm still trying to catch up with laundry, dishes, sending out thank-you's and baby announcements, scrapbooking, church callings all while taking care of 2 kids. Hopefully I get there soon!

Monday, July 25, 2011

50th Mommy Mondays

How Many Children to Have? ...

I used to always want 5-6 children....still did after my first....but now maybe 3-4. I believe that we're meant to have at least one more child, but we won't be trying until our 2nd is almost 3 so that they'll be at least 3 years apart. We tried for our 2nd when our first was at least 18 months so that they'd be close to 2 1/2 years apart. Maybe I'll feel differently in a couple years, but for now that's how I feel.

Some might read this and be shocked and want to judge me for not wanting lots of kids. I would love lots of kids, but my 2nd pregnancy was so tough for me that I don't think my body can handle having a lot of kids. My first pregnancy was a breeze; I thoroughly enjoyed it. My 2nd was pretty good up until the last month when I was in so much pain that it was hard to walk. I had to be on slight bed rest. The delivery was painful too.

Since having my 2nd, my eyes have been open to how much we judge each other especially in LDS communities where so many people have lots of kids. In my ward, one family has 10 kids and some others have 6+. For them they can handle being pregnant with that many, but others they struggle to have more for many different reasons. We don't know everything going on in their lives so we shouldn't judge instead try to think why that might be.

If for some reason, I couldn't have any more children, I'd be very happy with my 2 - maybe because I have a boy and a girl or because my 2nd pregnancy was rough for me. I know if I couldn't have any more after my first, I would have been devastated.

What amount of kids do you feel is right for your family? How did you come to that decision?

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Friday, July 22, 2011

57th Fashionable Fridays

Here's what I wore to church on Sunday. I look kinda dumb with my posing. I was trying to pose all different and copy some other fashion blog posing, but I stink at it and need more practice =D

Just in case I have new readers, I want to share that I'm not a fashion expert by any means! I just have Fashionable Fridays as a way for me to actually get ready some days and look nice instead of sweats/robe and my hair in a bun with no make-up. In the 2 pictures I'm posting today, I actually have no make-up. Summer heat makes me lazy because I just sweat all day! I've been boring my husband's Degree deodorant to help me!

Anyway today I had a very busy day! I went to the bank, library, farmer's market and lastly a clothing swap all with my 2 kids. Have you ever been to a clothing swap!? I highly recommend them. The girl who did it took our clothes days/week before the swap and organized them. For every item we brought, we could trade it for a "new" item that someone else brought. I traded 20 of my pieces. You can trade clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses - anything a woman wears. I loved it especially since I'm in my in between stages with my weight from just having a baby. I was able to get shirts and pants that actually fit me and hide my baby belly for FREE! If we ever leave this town, I'll be hosting my own clothing swaps in the future.

Here's one shirt that I got at the swap! I love the sleeves on it - perfect for the summer heat.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th Work-out Wednesday

Instead of my typical Work-out Wednesday (remember I'll share my progress again in August), I have a wonderful guest poster, Susan sharing how we can stay motivated in fitness!

Oh and just so you know, I haven't been slacking off! I did tons of walking Monday. 1 1/2 hours in the morning and almost 2 hours in the afternoon - passing out fliers (while pushing my kids in the stroller) for my ward's talent show and dinner activity! Plus it was hot outside!!! I was so tired and sore by the end of the day!

5 ways to stay motivated with fitness
Everybody does it: start a new, exciting fitness regime only to completely abandon it three days later. Failure isn’t great for fitness, mainly because people generally tend to console themselves with a tub of ice cream but also because it’s easy to believe that because we’ve failed once we’ll fail forever.

Thankfully there are some simple but effective steps that can keep you motivated when it comes to fitness making failure less likely and in turn making you less likely to turn to calorie-laden treats.

1. Set small, achievable goals.
Ever started a fitness regime in which, according to your plan, you’ll be doing a 24 mile run by the end of the week? Perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration but often the reason we fail at fitness is because our goals are unrealistic. Before you set yourself a goal ask yourself: do I actually have a good chance of achieving this? If you’re honest with yourself and the answer is no then do not set that goal. You are setting yourself up for failure. Instead set yourself a more manageable task. If you achieve it before your given deadline you can always increase your target – won’t that make you feel good?

2. Make fitness work around you.
When planning a fitness regime many people, inexplicably, believe that their day has somehow lengthened by 6 hours and that they’ll be able to fit in a range of heart-racing activities around their already over-committed timetable. This approach forces you to make hard decisions: at some point you will have to choose between your fitness commitments, your family commitments and your career commitments. Nobody wants to choose between these things. Consequently rather than planning in marathon sessions it is best to look for gaps of 20-30 minutes in your schedule – write them into a diary if necessary and commit that time to yourself. If you can find three of these gaps in one week you’ve already hit the basic recommended exercise for a week. As time goes on rather than working for longer you could simply work yourself harder in the time you have spare to improve your fitness levels.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others.
Most people have that friend who can run faster, swim quicker and row with more control. The quickest way of de-motivating yourself is to draw comparisons between yourself and them. The only person’s progress you should be interested in is your own, if you’re not then it’s time to start questioning why you started the regime in the first place. Competing with those around you is not always the best motivation for getting fitter. It can take away a lot of the joy of doing something positive for yourself. Keep the focus on you and remember your reasons for starting a fitness regime in the first place which are hopefully all based around self-improvement and enjoyment.

4. Make fitness fun.
Confining yourself to an air-conditioned prison of a gym is not going to make you particularly willing to stick with your regime. If possible try going for runs or walks in the park – the beautiful surroundings will add to the enjoyment of your exercise and make it feel more like quality time to yourself. Alternatively try and locate outdoor swimming pools in your area. On a warm day this can be a very welcome way to pass the time. Nobody dictates how you should keep fit, as long as you get your heart rate up, so why not choose activities and environments that you enjoy such as skipping in the garden or taking a football to the park?

5. Praise yourself.
We’re taught to praise children all the time but adults need praise just as much if they’re to stay motivated and happy. When you achieve a goal find a way of rewarding yourself – preferably something that doesn’t involve food! Perhaps award yourself a certain amount of money for each goal you hit so that at the end of the regime you can buy a new dress. Or perhaps you could reward yourself with a manicure / beauty treatment. For many people simply looking into a mirror and acknowledging themselves with a “well done” is enough to keep them going; others need more tangible motivation. Whatever carrot it is that drives you onward – although I suspect it is not in fact carrot – use it to reward yourself and enjoy your success!

Susan writes on behalf of sofasandsectionals, a leading Palliser furniture retailer.

Thanks Susan! Great tips. I definitely need fun; I guess that's why I use my Wii! Praise is also key for me too!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

49th Mommy Mondays - late...

Who needs a double stroller!? =D We did tons of walking yesterday passing out fliers for my ward's talent show and dinner activity 3 hours!

What silly/inventive things have you done with your kids?

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Friday, July 15, 2011

56th Fashionable Fridays

This week, here's another fun outfit I'd love to have that I created through Polvore. All items are from Kohls, one of my favorite and afforadable stores! Let me know what you think!
All Kohls-everyday

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$23 -

Skinny leg jeans
$36 -

Wedge sandals
$24 -

Pocket tote
$35 -

Stretch bracelet
$9.10 -


$24 -

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eden Fantasys

If you read my Mommy Mondays post about trying to find time with my husband, then one other thing that is difficult is being in the mood when you do find time to spend together. I'm always thinking that one child or the other will interrupt us so I feel like we have to hurry. One thing I think that would be helpful is for me to wear something that I feel good in and helps me be in the mood.
Have you heard of Eden Fantasys I heard about them on another blog and thought they had some cute things to create that romantic feel. They have some cute lingerie. I've been looking for a long black gown like this one for a while. Unfortunately locally, all I have is a small Victoria's Secret nearby with very little lingerie so shopping online at Eden would help me. I also love this short piece. I think it would hide my baby belly well and accentuate my top (thanks to nursing).

They also sell some mood candles. The sense of smell is powerful so it can be really helpful. Having the bed with rose petals is really simple way to set the mood. The bed of roses set comes with petals and candles.
Would you like to work with Eden Fantasys too as a blogger? Click on the banner below.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3rd Work-out Wednesday

Thanks again to all the sweet and encouraging comments last week!

Here are my stats:
Height: 5'4 (I should have shared that last week!)
Beginning Measurements
  • Around the Belly: 39 in. (47 in. 38 weeks pregnant with my daughter- I was only 45 in. with my son, but I weighed almost 10 lbs. more)
  • Waist: 38in.
  • Around my bottom: 40.25 in.
  • Upper Arm: 12.25 in.
  • Inner Thigh: 23.5 in
Goal: flatter tummy - 34 in. around my belly (so I don't look pregnant still when I wear my pre-pregnancy shirts), 140 by September 1st. OR to fit into my 7-9 jeans comfortably.

Ideally would love to be 120-125 again and 30-32 in again.

Pre-pregnancy: 131 lbs. Gained 36 lbs. when pregnant:  167 lbs.
Beginning weight: 147 lbs.

Today's Weight: 146 before really no change
This week I finally realized why it's been hard to lose weight, I'm too stressed with too much on my plate right now. I've been trying to play catch-up with life now that my baby doesn't have RSV anymore. I didn't realize that I was stressed until I got a canker sore on my inside bottom lip this week. I read that stress can cause canker sores. I know that sometimes when I'm stressed I either lose a lot of weight or I don't lose any....I guess this time it's just not losing any. I'm bad at realizing that I'm stressed. It usually takes something happening to realize that I've been stressed. I know I'm a lot better this week, trying not to worry about all that needs to get done, but I still have a lot to do. Since I'm still trying to catch up on life (I know technically we're always playing catch-up, but I'm really behind with us taking 2 months to just get everyone feeling better), I won't report and do another Work-out Wednesday until August 3rd.

I did go on some walks this week, did some hand weight exercises and then yesterday did a fun relay with my Activity Day girls as part of our Word of Wisdom Workout! The last part of our activity was to do a little relay. The first part was to do 1-3 pull-ups on the monkey bars (I couldn't even do one real one!!!! That's my next goal), swing 5 pumps, go down the slide, climb up the rope ladder and touch the top, 10 jumps on the trampoline, 20 jumping jacks and 5 push-ups (at least I can still do those really well!). After that I was worn-out. The girls did it like 3-4 times. It was fun though.


I'm the one in the turquoise/teal shirt - jumping on the trampoline

I also tested my balance skills again and I was able to take 4 steps this time while balancing on the edge of trampoline unlike 2 weeks ago when I wasn't able to take any steps without losing balance!

I accomplished my goal at least; I ate a lot less ice cream - no cookies either! The next 2 weeks' goal is to follow this exercise plan that I found through Pinterest. If you'd like the other levels to this plan, check out January from the original source. I would love if you tried this exercise plan with me!

Link up your fitness/health posts/blogs too so we can motivate each other!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Colortime Crafts Coupon

Check out Colortime Crafts! I love their fun pillowcases to color. They sent me a coupon to share with my readers too! EXPIRES Tuesday, JULY 19TH!

They give their customers the chance to design their own t-shirts, pillowcases, backpacks, tote bags, bandanas, and more for parties, slumber parties, and scout meetings with their permanent fabric markers. Since 1990 over 2 million children and adults throughout the country have enjoyed Colortime Crafts And Markers ™ and proudly display their keepsakes. Also, they are a licensed vendor of the Girl Scouts of America.

Colortime does a weekly fan giveaway via our Facebook page ( are the instructions:

Each week Colortime Crafts and Markers will randomly draw 3 lucky FANS who will receive a special craft package, which includes a Colortime color-your-own "Recycle Tote Bag" and three special permanent Colortime FABRIC MARKERS. All you have to do to be eligible is to "like" and become a fan of Colortime Crafts and Markers on Facebook.

The winners' Facebook name will be posted each Monday on the Colortime Crafts and Markers Facebook page. We will send you a message on Facebook informing you that you won. Look for it, and if your name is a winner, you can also send us an email message to with your full name and address and in either case we will ship your prize within 2 weeks.

1) You must be a fan of Colortime Crafts and Markers ( Facebook page.
2) Once you win a prize, you are not eligible for additional prizes for this promotion for 12 months after the prize has been awarded.
3) Prizes not claimed within 2 weeks will be forfeited.

Monday, July 11, 2011

48th Mommy Mondays

A couple people have asked me, how is it with 2 kids or how are you handling the adjustment of 2 kids? Truth - 2 kids isn't difficult for me. When I was pregnant there were moments where I was scared of having 2 kids especially in the middle of the night when my son would wake up. Now that I have my 2nd, it really hasn't been an adjustment at all for me in that area at least. I'm used to taking care a lot of kids. I did day care from when I was 18 until I was 23. I've handled 5 babies up to 15 mo. old before or other times: 5 toddlers 15-2 years old, or eight 2 year olds. I've done 12 3-5 year olds before too. Plus all of my elementary school experience when I was getting my degree in elementary education.
On Saturday, I had both kids with me out of the house pretty much all day from 9-5. I "worked" at my scrapbook class I teach and then I took both of them to the circus by myself. I'm just lucky to have a good 2 1/2 year old boy who doesn't run off.

The one hard adjustment was having 2 kids seriously sick so soon after our 2nd was born.....but now we've gone through that, we'll be able to handle all the little sicknesses easy.

I'd say the biggest adjustment though to having 2 kids instead of just the one is finding time to spend with your spouse! Our son doesn't take naps often anymore. He goes to bed now at like 9pm instead of 10-11pm when he was taking naps. Our baby girl is the most awake from 8-11pm so it's been a challenge to spend time with my husband who works 11:30-8pm. Our baby girl sleeps most of the morning, but our son is wide awake wanting some time with his dad before he goes to work. We don't really have money for babysitters and we're not good at asking people to baby-sit anyway. Then when we do find time, I feel like any minute we'll be interrupted by one or the other child.

So any suggestions/tips on how to spend time with your spouse when you have more than one kid?
Sometimes the TV works for our son...or we could stay up really late after our baby girl goes to sleep, but I'm still in the tired stage (trying to catch up with life now that everyone isn't sick).
I just miss my husband.... I know this won't last forever. I'm glad we're not ready for any more kids any time soon =D

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Friday, July 8, 2011

55th Fashionable Fridays

This was on Sunday, the day before the 4th of July. My son has this thing about putting his hands in his pockets lately =D My baby girl had another 4th of July outfit so we had her wear this one for church on Sunday.

Here's what I wore to church....not the best outfit for hiding my stomach, but I tried to look nice. Check out my Work-out Wednesdays as I try to lose the baby weight.

Here's my cute baby girl on the 4th of July!

What did you wear for the 4th?

Here's what my baby girl and I wore 2 Sundays ago for our friend's baby blessing. I did a little better hiding the tummy this time.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photo Canvas Land WINNERS

The Two Winners of the Photo Canvas Land Giveaway are...

Crystal said... 8
I registered
June 21, 2011 1:39 PM
octoberthings said... 20
I'm following you on GFC
June 24, 2011 11:05 PM
CONGRATS! I will e-mail you and forward your e-mail to the sponsor!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2nd Work-out Wednesday

Here are my stats:
Height: 5'4 (I should have shared that last week!)
Beginning Measurements
  • Around the Belly: 39 in. (47 in. 38 weeks pregnant with my daughter- I was only 45 in. with my son, but I weighed almost 10 lbs. more)
  • Waist: 38in.
  • Around my bottom: 40.25 in.
  • Upper Arm: 12.25 in.
  • Inner Thigh: 23.5 in

Pre-pregnancy: 131 lbs. Gained 36 lbs. when pregnant:  167 lbs.

Beginning weight: 147 lbs.

Today's Weight: 147.4 (boo!) after morning work-out and breakfast, 146 after walking outside and before lunch (see how much your weight can flunctuate in one day! Remember to weigh yourself the same time each day either always before or after eating)
Today's Around the Belly: 38.5 in.

Goal: flatter tummy - 34 in. around my belly  (so I don't look pregnant still when I wear my pre-pregnancy shirts), 140 by September 1st. OR to fit into my 7-9 jeans comfortably.
Ideally would love to be 120-125 again and 30-32 in again.

Well truth I didn't do very well this week. I only worked out once, this morning, and that was because of all the comments I received last week - it was a great motivation to know people read my post. It's been super hot in our house like 88 degrees....our swamp cooler isn't working correctly yet and we have no I've been eating probably too much ice cream, my weakness! Anyone have any good cold/frozen treat recipes that are healthier?
I also have to remember that my weight lost will be's an article below from Baby Fit.
I am breastfeeding and want to lose weight. Is this safe?

Part of the reserves that your body has retained are so that you would have plenty of energy for feeding your baby. Don't try to lose weight until breastfeeding is well established and you are producing plenty of milk for your baby's needs.
The goal of weight loss while breastfeeding is to lose gradually, about half a pound to a pound each week. In order to accomplish this, it is advised that you eat a nutritious diet with 300-500 calories above your pre-pregnancy needs, exercise every day and cut back on foods high in fat and sugar, such as potato chips, cookies, candy, soft drinks, and fried foods. Do not try diet pills, liquid diets, or other weight loss products. They do not work and could be harmful to yourself or the baby.
Becky Hand R.D., L.D.

GOAL for the week: I will try to eat less ice cream and work out more (charge batteries up for the Wii in advance!).

This morning, I couldn't do my Wii Fit because my batteries died so I just did the running on there (not my favorite, but I did it.). I did 2 long distances on the Wii Fit and the second time I did it with 2 lbs. weights. I did some weight exercises and stretching too. Then later I went to play group and walked home pushing my kids in the stroller instead of getting a ride home from friends - it was only a couple blocks though.

Link up your fitness/health posts/blogs too so we can motivate each other!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I meant to share my 4th of July decorations last week, but forgot to! So here they are and they'll stay up at least until the end of the month. I made the American Frame last month in the Scrapbook Class I teach every 2nd Saturday, although to me this had very little to do with scrapbooking....
The sides are supposed to be little firecrackers. I was going to add pipe cleaners for the wick, but a friend recommended using those party wire stars that come with those balloon weights so I plan on doing that when I remember =D.

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend and a good Canada Day (July 1st) for you Canadians =D. We did go to the parade and found a nice shady spot to watch. My son loved it and even got some candy, but wasn't candy crazed like the other kids. He even gave up one of his pieces to a little girl. I have such a sweet boy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

47th Mommy Mondays

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I am grateful for the freedoms I have in the U.S.A. God Bless America! Today we're going to a parade. It will be our kids' first. Last year we were back home in Chicago, but didn't do much since it was on a Sunday. Years before that when we had our son, we fell asleep early. Now that our son is 2 1/2, we figured we better try to do something this year. We'll see if we can stay awake for some fireworks! What fun things have you done this weekend or are going to do today?

So I am so behind on life!!! Now that my kids are feeling better - scratch that my son may be sick. He has a fever, but that could just be our super hot house yesterday! When they were better, I've been trying to catch up on life. I thought I was doing well and this past week, I've stunk! I'm behind in everything! I've done several loads of laundry, but they haven't all been put away. I haven't been doing dishes every night like I was. I need to to catch up on at least a month's worth on my family blog. I have baby announcements and thank you's to send out. ETC. ETC.

How do you catch up after tough/big events like kids getting really sick? I know there's always something to do in life, but now I'm super behind. If my son really is sick, I think I'm going to stress. I was doing well with not stressing, but everyone was just getting better!

Link up your Mommy Moments, kids' stuff, etc.

Friday, July 1, 2011

54th Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail

4th of July nails from Kristyn at Paint that Nail! Seriously you must check out her fun and fabulous nails!

Wow it's almost 4th of July! So today I am going to show how I did fireworks and American flags on my nails. Then I did my moms nails red, white and blue. I will show how I did my nails first.

What you need:

~White nail polish I chose to use NK- really white.

~Acrylic paint but any paint would work just make sure to add a clear coat over your design when you are done. You could also use nail polish if you wanted; I just think paint is easier and a detail brush which you can even just cut your paint brush you already have to make one but there are some at any craft store.

~Stripers which you can find at a drugstore and your local beauty supply store, online too. In red, blue and silver glitter and white I chose to use Art Deco- blue, red and silver glitter and a white Stripe Rite.

~A bobby pin or something you like to make dots with. You can also get Dotting Tool which you can find on Ebay for about $4 for 5 dotting tools!

First paint your nail white. It may take a couple coats but let them dry.

Now we are going to work on the flag so get your blue, red, red glitter and silver glitter out. first paint a square in the corner of your nail.

Now make horizontal stripes.

Make dots to represent the starts on your nail in the blue corner.

Add glitter to your nails the red over the red and the silver just dotted with the brush over the blue. You could just use silver glitter nail polish to do that part but I think striper is just easier. 

Now onto the fireworks! 

First thing you're going to want to do is get your detail brush and get a lighter blue and start where you want the center of the firework to be. Press down putting a little pressure and then flick up. This doesnt have to be perfect - it is a firework, fireworks aren't all the same! You could use any colors you want also.

Then do that again with a darker color. Now it should look like a fuzz ball...

Put silver in the middle and add glitter.

Now is when it really turns into a firework! Take white paint with a detail brush or striper and make lines going in a circle curving down a little.

Now onto my moms nails! These are a bit easier than mine.

First paint your nails white.

Make a swipe across the corner of your nail you can make it curved or straight however you want!

Fill in the red.

Do the same with blue at the bottom of your nail.

Add glitter if you want she used Sally Hansen diamond strength- diamonds.

If you try these out let me know how they turned out and have a great 4th of July and a fantastic rest of the day!!


Awesome Kristyn! Those little details really do help make it look like fireworks! I love the simplicity of your mom's nails too. I think I'll do some 4th of July nails this weekend!