Monday, April 4, 2011

36th Mommy Mondays

My mom called me earlier this week to say they're not coming anymore in May to see the baby (because tickets cost $500 right now and they just went to the Philippines earlier this month to see my mom's family - all of her family are in the Philippines so she deserved to go to that. Be lucky if you have family with less than a day's drive to get to you) My in-laws were here just two weeks ago because they had spring break - everyone will be working so it will be hard for them to come back out (our families live in the Chicago area) I've got no one to help me. Now that may not be a big deal to some people, but I cried when I got off the phone with her. I was able to keep my voice steady with her and later with my MIL about it, but inside it really hurts. I think it's more of a big deal because I have gestational diabetes and I've been in so much pain with this pregnancy. If this baby is big and they have to cut me or I tear, this will be super hard for me to take care of the baby and my 2 year old son without help. My husband eventually will take 2 weeks off, but he can't just do that right away - he has to give them some notice.
Plus I miss my mom. When I had my son, she just went to work helping me - she didn't even need to ask me where anything was. She just found it. Plus my mom has some unique meals - nothing too exciting, but good for me. I don't know when we'll be able to see our families again. Last time we saw my family was in July. Maybe that means we need to move to the Chicago area - that would be so nice.

Once I got my crying out, I decided to work on making some frozen meals for after the baby is born. My husband took me to the store, and we bought a lot of ingredients to make several different meals and then Wal-mart too. Also we bought some things to be ready for when the baby comes like some NB diapers, nursing pads, bottles (so my husband can help feed sometimes), pacifiers for later (if she just likes to suck a lot like my son did, we'll be giving it to her after she's a few weeks old), baby girl mittens, some medicine for me, etc. That's the one good thing with the 2nd - you feel like you know what baby basics you need so less time later trying to buy it all. Then I don't have to send my husband to the store, and he can be with us.

I felt somewhat better after having some more meals prepared. I made some hashbrown casseroles: ground beef with cream of mushroom, seasoning, mixed veggies and hashbrowns on top. Then I made Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole: Once I make more room in the freezer, I'd like to make some Baked Potato Soup: and Chicken Enchiladas: . Broulims had a deal with their family size lasagna, garlic bread and a 2 Liter of Pop for $10.99 so I have that too. I'm really grateful to my friend  for making us 3 freezer meals and some cookie dough too - that helps so much! Plus my other friend  gave me canned chicken noodle soup (I guess you just add noodles to it) and then canned applesauce. She doesn't like the applesauce she made because it's too thick, but my son and I sure love it.

Maybe this will teach me to ask for help, but it sure is hard too when all my other friends are having their babies too. My landlord and neighbor said she'd come over and spend the night if needed - it was so great to hear that from her. I had planned to ask her, but now I don't have to. Hopefully now they'll pick up their phone. =D We're pretty much ready for the baby to come now. Car seat in the car, baby clothes and blankets all washed and put away, crib set up, frozen dinner meals made, my son's schedule written up, phone numbers/contacts to watch our son all set, and hospital bag packed and in the car.

What do you do to get ready for baby?
Those who have multiple children, did you always have help after a new one was born?

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bcriminger said...

Wow, girl you are going through a lot right now, will def keep you in my prayers! You are a long ways from Chicago! Hopefully everyone will pull through and help you out! Praying!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Oh Maryanne, my heart is just breaking for you right now! I am so sorry that your family is so far away, I know how tough that is. It's so hard to deal with everything and manage a child and newborn but I know somehow you will find the strength, even if you are feeling overwhelmed right now. I know no matter what, it's always good to have Mom nearby and make things better. I wish I lived closer and could come help you! ((Big hugs}}

Anonymous said...

a couple weeks before I had my 2nd baby, the company my hubby worked for went out of business, which seemed like a trial, but turned out to be a blessing. My mom came while I was in the hospital, but left the day I came home. It was nice to have my hubby home for the next 6 weeks so he could give my 2-year-old son plenty of attention. when I had my 3rd baby last year, my mom and dad were able to come and stay for a while, but even though they are close enough, my mom can't take too much vacation time from work so they were just here for while I was in the hospital. I was super scared about having number 3 just before midterms of hubby's final semester, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought. I do have to say, though, labor, delivery, and recovery from the 2nd and later babies are MUCH easier than the first! your body has been through it and has stretched and knows how to react a little better. with my first I had to get stitches, but with 2 and 3 I didn't and was out and about within days. it was almost hard to rest because I felt fine! I'm sure it will be easier than you expect, good luck!!