Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #42 - Paint that Nail

Welcome Kristyn from Paint that Nail for another Fashionable Fridays!

Thank you for letting me do these posts for you! Today I am showing how to do these flowers. They are two colored flowers, and on my ring finger I added a little design. 
First put a base coat on your nails. Then paint a base color: I chose a pink which is one coat of SinfulColors- Easy Going and then two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Shrimply Devine.

Next I made five dots you could use a bobby pin or a tooth pick if you wanted. I used a white nail polish which was SinfulColors- Snow Me White.

Then I put smaller yellow dots next to the white dots, but a little more into the flower. If you are using a bobby pin, put more nail polish and pressure on the bobby pin than opposite if you want smaller dots. I chose a yellow which was Sally Hansen Inst-Dri- lightning.

Next I dragged them into the middle with a tooth pick, but you want to make sure the dots are tacky so by the time you do your one hand, with both colored dots it will be ready to drag.

Then I chose a color to go in the middle which was Borghese- Belissima Rose

Lastly I added a swirl design on my ring fingers using two Stripe Rites that you can get at Sally's Beauty Supply, but you can use Acrylic paint with a really small paint brush, or you could try a tooth pick. Also If you have an old eye liner brush that could work.

Make sure to add a top coat to make the nail polish last longer, and keep it nice and shiny!

I love these! So cute and springy! What beautiful colors you combined too. Love the swirl too on the one finger. Thanks Kristyn!

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Thanks for posting me! and thank you for the compliments! =D