Monday, April 25, 2011

39th Mommy Mondays - Birth Story of my Daughter

Sorry this is a day late, but here's the birth story of my baby girl! She is a lot easier baby, but I feel like I have so much to do to keep sane.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
So I left for my Dr. Appt that was at 9am, trying to prepare myself if I didn't get good news. I got there a little early but I was able to see a firiend there and talk to her for a few minutes. I was weighed and stuff first - 167 lbs. Then we did my ultrasound - everything was found pretty fast - my amniotic fluid was a little low. Her heartbeat was 146. The baby was measuring at about 7 lbs. 10 oz. I'm glad she was under 8 lbs.
Then I got to see the doctor to be checked - 4 almost a 5. I was like great, that's it. She's like do you want me to strip your membranes? I was like does it hurt? She said yes, but it would move things along. So she did and just told me when I wanted her to stop - I should have told her to keep going if I knew what would happen later! Then she asked so you ready to have this baby. I'm like yes! She went to ask around about what doctor was available and call the hospital to see if I could come in today to be induced. YES!!! I was afraid I wouldn't be far enough along for them. I told her today would be easier to because we had someone that could watch our son, but we could make tomorrow work if needed. She came back and said are you all packed - you can go to the hospital! I was like can I get my husband first. She said hurry. I walked out of that room with THE BIGGEST SMILE on my face!
When I got home, my husbad was like are you gonna cry (thinking I'd have bad news). I was just because I was so happy to be done! I was like we have to go now. He's like what - now you've messed up your friend's plans. My friend, Jamie was like you're fine; I can totally watch James, but I still felt guilty. I grabbed a couple things like the camera. Got some things ready for my son like his car seat, money to take him to McDonalds, etc. I told Jamie a few things and we were off. We left our house at 10am.
When we arrived at the hospital, the golf cart/valet guy asked if we were headed up to Labor and Delivery. We said yes and he said that he could take us as long as we were already pre-registered which we were since I have gestational diabetes. It was nice not to have to walk all the way up there (it's a bad layout to get up to that area).
We then had to wait outside of Labor and Delivery to check- in with the lady. While we waited we took this picture. I really should have straightened my hair this morning (I'd been doing it every day in case I went into labor), but I thought if I was going to be induced, they were going to say go to the hospital at this time - not right now.
38 weeks, 6 days
Then we filled out some paper work and confirmed our information. I was then admitted at about 10:30am.

I got changed and then had to waiting for my IVs at about 11am. They hooked up the fetal monitor and then I was checked again. Just a 5.

Once the Pitocin was ready, they gave me that and started me at a 2 with it. Then the doctor came in along with another nurse to break my water. HORRIBLE!!!! I never want to do that again! Next time I'll make sure I have drugs in me before they do that. Some people told me it isn't bad; it's just like them checking you. So I wasn't sure if I really am just a wimp or if the doctor's hands are huge or they had to go deeper to put this monitor on the baby's head since my fluid was low.
The doctor made me feel like I wasn't doing a good job either or my best. He seemed frustrated with me which made it even harder for me to relax and have him do what he wanted me to do. The doctor tried to distract me and get me to talk about where I'm from, etc. How was I supposed to talk when your hand is up there, pushing me up when I'm trying to stay down for you.
My husband couldn't even help me because he felt sick from watching me struggle with pain and then seeing all the water and some blood come out. He almost fainted he said. When it was all over, I looked at him and he looked super pale! I'm glad he didn't pass out. Poor guy!

They then upped my pitocin to a 6 and the hard contractions started coming. I had asked about an epidural several times and apparently no one had read my birth plan because I had wanted an epidural right after I had the pitocin. Well I couldn't have yet because I needed to have 2 bags of IV go in me first along with some other things. Annoying. At least I had an awesome nurse, Kathy, who made those IVs go into me super fast. She could tell that I was having hard contractions too and kept asking about the epidural for me. When I had my son, the nurse I had made me feel like my contractions weren't that strong and that I was wimpy. This nurse also helped me by giving me a massage and holding my hand when I was contracting.
Epidural arrived at about 2:30pm. The anesthesiologist was really nice too explaining all sorts of things to me and telling me when it was important not to move. He said I was doing a good job too. That was helpful because I was so nervous because my legs wouldn't stop shaking - they hadn't stopped shaking since getting my water broken.
Mike was amazing through all of this too and a lot bigger help than he was with our son. (He was asleep through a lot of my hard contractions) I guess the time of day makes all the difference! He held my hand with my contractions. Since he's always cold, his cool touch felt really good on my body especially when I contracted.
After the epidural was all set and in my system the nurse, Kathy checked me again at about 3:30 and I was already at a 8.5! She turned my pitocin down to a 1 or 2 since I had progressed so fast. Less than 15 minutes later, I told her I was starting to feel pressure down there like I had to push. She checked me and I was at a 10 so she turned off the pitocin. WOW - fast! Maybe in the future, I should ask for the epidural right away and see if my body will just progress without pitocin. I think my body just needs help relaxing to help me progress...
The nurse hadn't even finished getting everything ready for the doctor so she told me to hold tight and try not to push. She said she didn't see the head so we were okay.
My legs were still shaking like crazy so she gave me a warm blanket which helped some and Mike just talked to me.

We practiced some pushing and the doctor came and had me start pushing her out. This was all different since I could feel the pressure, but no pain. It was hard to feel the contractions this time, because all I felt was the pressure. It seemed like I had to push 15-20 sets before she was out probably because she was so much bigger. Also the doctor said her hand was by her face. One good thing that the doctor did was work with the opening to try and help me not tear or cut me. Eventually he still had to cut me a little bit he said. I felt that too.
Baby Girl was born at 4:01pm! 8 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 inches long!!!! Good thing I was induced - she might have been 9 lbs. if I went to 40 weeks!
It took a few seconds to hear her cry. She'd cry and then it would take a few more seconds to hear her again. She looked so purple to me. While she got cleaned up, the doctor delivered the placenta and then did my stitches - I could feel all of it even though it didn't hurt. (We later took a peek at the placenta - it was interesting to see. My husband handled that just fine and this time he saw more of the delivery too, but none of those things made him feel faint - so I'm thinking it was hard for hims to see me in so much pain.)

Her Apgar scores were 8-9. They explained that 10 is amazing so they hardly ever give a 10.

They quickly gave her to me unwrapped so we could do skin to skin. She quickly found my breast and started sucking all without help! Amazing! I held her skin to skin for a good half hour.
Kathy was so awesome to about them getting my dinner to me fast enough especially since I had gestational diabetes. When my chicken fingers, fries and chocolate shake came, I like gorged on it especially the shake! I remember having this meal after I had my son too, but this time it was hot food - tastes so much better.
Before I had the epidural too, Kathy got me graham crackers, jello and juice since I was at 70 and hadn't even had the really bad contractions yet. Who knows how low I would have been without that food - I might have passed out...labor is hard work.

Of course my husband was again afraid to hold her, but it didn't take too much convincing from me to get him to hold her. He seemed just as excited that she was here.

My husband then left to get our son and give Jamie a break. They all came to see the new baby. James was apprehensive right away. He liked looking at her though.

Jamie with our baby girl - our first visitor (Jamie's son came too so we had 2 visitors!)
It was definitely an answer to prayers that Jamie came up to take her sister back to school when she did. Plus she needed a place to stay, but obviously she was much more of a help to us than we were to her. She told me James did great. Her sister climbed in the tunnels with him at McDonalds. He didn't eat much there, but once they got back home, he ate some chicken nuggets and apples. For nap time, he went right to sleep with no fighting with Jamie. He never cried once with her. I'm so proud of my little boy! I'm so grateful for Jamie so that I didn't have to put pressure on other friends or put pressure on myself trying to call a bunch of people to watch James.  I guess this was one of the biggest reasons, this baby girl couldn't come earlier.

While I was taking a shower and trying to pee, she was getting her first bath.
It was nice to wait to get cleaned up this time around because then I didn't get light headed so quickly like I did with my son. Unfortunately I could not pee! I felt like I had to so badly that it hurt. The nurse said if I couldn't pee then they would have to put a catheter in me which would hurt because body down there already had gone through so much. I didn't want to feel any more pain down there!

Looking at the baby again especially since she was so content.

Basking the warmth - so content!

Switching to the Mommy and Baby unit to recover. James loved riding in the wheelchair!
Me with my 2 kids!

Shortly after switching rooms, my husband took our son back home. Poor husband was starving!! He hadn't eaten a meal since 8am this morning before I went to the doctor's office. So he took our again to McDonalds again to eat and play.

I enjoyed some alone time with my little girl!

Oh I was finally able to pee - not a lot, but enough that they would hold off on the catheter. I was praying that I could pee so that I would stop feeling so much pain and so I wouldn't have to get a catheter. Interesting the things we pray for. After going to the bathroom 4x in an hour, I felt like I had finally drained my bladder! The pain wasn't as bad down there anymore!

Later that night baby girl was taken by the nurse for some more testing. She comes back after an hour, just a couple minutes after my husband comes back and we find out that she turned blue at night sometime between 10pm-11pm when getting tested with the nurses. She had started choking on some amniotic fluid that was still in her. SCARY! Glad she was with the nurses when it happened.
Our nurse,  Bonnie was so nice and later took our baby for a couple hours in the night so that I could sleep. She knew that it would be hard for me to sleep knowing that the baby had just turned blue not too long ago. She had been making these spitty faces and I had thought that meant she wanted to nurse but it was a sign that she was trying to get the amniotic fluid out.

Nervous Daddy trying to burp baby to make sure she gets everything up.

We ended up staying at the hospital 2 nights to monitor this, but after her 2 episodes with me she was great. The other reason we stayed at the hospital another night, because this hospital has some good food!!!

We are happy to be home as a family of 4 now!

My beautiful baby girl is a great sleeper, nurser and burper unlike my son as a newborn. She sure gave me a lot of trouble while inside me though so I'm so grateful she's so good now that's she's out. It sure helps dealing with everything else: my pain and no family around much easier to handle with and cope. I've already had some crying outbursts and my poor husband thinks he's not doing enough. He's been trying so hard to be helpful since we have no family to help us. I had to explain to him how great he's been and just because I'm crying doesn't mean he's not doing something.

Here are some more pictures of our beautiful girl!

Hope you had a great Easter! We colored eggs on Saturday with our son. He loved it so much this year. On Sunday, I used his Nursery church lesson to teach him about the Resurrection and we did this fun craft, Jesus is Risen!

Family of 4 with our colored Easter eggs

Photo Shoot! So fun to dress up little girls!

If you're interesteed, you can also read my son's birth story too:

Today was my first day by myself with 2 kids. They gave my husband all last week off since I had the baby, but he has to go back to work this week. He's going to take another week off in the near future though which will help. Until then I'll have to do the best I can.
It went amazingly well. My son fell asleep on his own at 1:30pm - usually he doesn't nap until 3. I left him on the floor where he fell asleep because I'm not allowed to pick up anything more than 15 lbs. I don't remember this rule when I had my first. I also am not supposed to drive for a week....another rule I don't remember. Oh well.
Hoping the rest of the week goes just as well for my sanity. I'm quite nervous about getting postpartum depression this time around because although I was never diagnosed, I'm pretty sure I suffered depression in high school. We'll see though. This week, I have some amazing people bringing dinner for us so that will help. The Primary Presidency brought us dinner tonight and they stayed and chatted with me for a bit which just so nice to have someone to talk to. It's a good thing that I was prepared with so much like frozen dinner meals and baby stuff so that I wouldn't be going crazy or starving with out it.

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Shairbearg said...

you will get used to having the 2 and it will get easier. It made me smile to see your beautiful little girl in the blanket I made!!


Jessica said...

Oh Maryanne,
What a beautiful post and such a great set of pics. I am so happy for you to finally be home with your new baby girl. If you are feeling down feel free to get a hold of me if you wanna talk. I stay at home all the time and totally understand what you are going through. I have had 3 babies in the last 4 years and it IS nice to have someone to talk to during the days following having a baby!
Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Kaysi said...

She is beautiful!!! Congrats!! Love all of her fun accessories!

Sarah said...

She is such a gorgeous little girl!!

I'm happy that she arrived safely. Hope you recover well and are able to get enough sleep so that you can cope!

The funny thing is that I have lots of family in the city here, but didn't have much help from anyone after my babes were born. My husband had 2 weeks off after each birth and was really helpful after my son was born. After my daughter was born, I more or less cared for her, while he took care of our son.

I had the baby blues after both my kids were born. It's hard having all those crazy hormones after childbirth on top of recovery and lack of sleep. Just remember how BLESSED you are to have those 2 precious kids of yours. And try to take it easy and get as much sleep as you can!!!


MBC Scrapbooking said...

I adore birth stories! Thank you for sharing with all of us:) I am so happy for you and your family- you look wonderful, and both of your children are so sweet!!
Enjoy your "maternity rest." :)

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Thank you for sharing your story, I'm always interested to hear how things went for others. My first was so "easy" as it was a planned Csection and other than getting nervous about the spinal it went smoothly. I'm really nervous about having a VBAC this time around and because I don't feel as comfortable with my doctors. I'm delivering at a University Training Hospital and am pretty modest, I don't know how I feel about strangers being all up in my business. Plus I have a low tolerance for pain and discomfot. My husband is dreading the birth more than me. But when it's all said and done, I'm sure it'll be worth it and hey plenty of people do it everyday so I need to suck it up!