Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sprinkles and a Shower

Here's 2 Sprinkles I threw for 2 of my friends in March and then my baby shower.


I made these centerpiece "diaper cakes."

Here's the table of food and the other side: prizes.
One friend did the scones and the veggie tray
The guest of honor did the fruit dip and bean dip
I brought the fruit, chips, and lemonade

We ate some food first and then we played some games:
Tray Memory Game full of baby items

Name the Price game - we took the same tray of items and they had to guess the price of each item to get a grand total.

Since the guest of honor and a friend helped out with the sprinkle, I had some other gifts for the guest: the big flower decorations too with her along with the little vases of flowers so she could decorate Baby's room that she'll be sharing with her big brother. The colors will all coordinate with what she has already. Plus I gave her some items from the tray game like a cute baby hat with flower.

Then for my other friend, it was more of a girls' night to pamper the Mom. So fun!

We started cooking the pizza and bread sticks, set out the rest of the food, and organized the activities and prizes.

First we ate food. Papa Murphy's pizza, breadsticks, Wheat Thins and spinach dip, fruit and yogurt/Cool Whip dip, pumpkin cookies, M&M cookies and brownies along with Crystal Light (she bought especially for me).
We played 2 games: All About the Guest of Honor and then a Tray Memory game full of hygiene and grooming products.

Lastly we did....
FACIALS - I figured this picture was okay to put up since you probably wouldn't be able to recognize anyone with their masks on =D
We look awesome huh! We did these clay masks. My face felt really soft after.

 Since the guest helped so much with her own sprinkle, I splurged and bought her some pajama sets (they were on sale at Kohls and I had 30% off). She had been talking about getting some so she had something cute and comfy to wear in the hospital after labor.
Everyone didn't end up leaving until about 11pm because we were having so much fun.

After my friend's sprinkle/girls' night the night before, the next day she hosted my baby shower.

Here are the decorations and food

We played several games: the first one was measuring my tummy with string. Then we played what traits the baby would have.and my answers were the "correct" ones that people had to match up. The next one was nursery rhymes and then the last one was Bingo with the presents. Then we also raffled off some Jamba Juice cards to those who brought diapers, wipes, or frozen dinners.

Then we ate the yummy food (we waited because the Chicken Croissants were still cooking) -
Crystal Light Raspberry Kiwi Drink (0 Carbs!)
Veggie Tray
Fruit Tray
Spinach Dip and Crackers
7 Layer Dip and Chips
Chicken Croissants
Strawberry Cupcakes

Then since some people had to leave early, I started opening presents and just kept going with them....people were so generous or they love shopping for baby girls =D

All the presents - this baby girl is spoiled!!! I can't wait to dress her up in all her cute clothes. My favorites were the Blessing Dress (now I don't have to try and alter that other white dress that I have) and the Vinyl Sign. I love when people make crafty things for me!

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paint that nail said...

So cute! You look great too! =D

christa @ enSTYLEpedia said...

wow you really made out!! Such great things, what wonderful friends you have!!

bcriminger said...

I'mglad they brought you frozen dinners, hopefully that will help out! Does your little one have a closet big enough for all that stuff?! lol!

Jessica said...

Hi Maryanne,
Ok, so it just dawned on me that no one was seeing responses from me because I was responding on my own blog page, duh! I am still learning the blog rules I guess. So, I am going back through all my comments and saying Hi to all those who took time to say hi to me (even if it was back in Jan or Feb....LOL)
So, without further ado....
HI :o)

Hope this finds you and the family doing well. The pics of you are soooo sooooo cute. You are glowing!