Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #41

Happy April Fool's Day! Thinking about telling people my water broke...... what pranks do you plan on playing today?

I'm 36 weeks now and in my 9 month. Here's what I've looked like each month.

8 weeks - 2 months

12 weeks - 3 months

16 weeks - 4 months

20 weeks - 5 months

24 weeks - 6 months

27 1/2 weeks - almost 7 months

32 weeks - 8 months

36 weeks - 9 months
Black sure is deceiving to how big I am! I weigh 12 lbs. less than I did with my son at this point, but I'm 2 inches bigger around - yeah more stretch marks.

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Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I love seeing all the baby bump pictures Maryanne! You managed to look cute and fashionable the whole way through:) I got your email and I'm glad you got everything, hopefully it arrived safe and sound! I tried to use some extra adhesive to attach some of the elements but you may need to add a bit more. The letter stickers in particular I had some trouble with. I'm going to share the projects on my own blog, this week I think.