Monday, April 11, 2011

37th Mommy Mondays

Pregnancy Update
I feel like I've been complaining a lot lately. I just feel like she's RIGHT THERE, about to just pop out any moment. The last 2 days, her movements have been painful again because she's been moving her hands or her head - all the body parts that are under my belly button. My next appt. is Tuesday and I better be dilated or I'll cry. Plus I'm hoping they'll say she's like right there and maybe I could have her that day. Better not get my hopes up like last time though. I'll be really upset if she's still in side me by Friday because then she'll be later than my son was....just kill me know if that happens.

I think I'm scared about contracting a lot - I'd rather have my water break so maybe that's why I haven't tried to make the contractions come so much.

Saturday night I had hard contractions every 10-15 minutes for 2 hours and then they stopped.
I want her to come when she's ready, but this pregnancy has been so much harder than with my first. I really enjoyed my first pregnancy.

"Funner" stuff....
We worked on some Counting games, books and file folder games with our son this weekend. They have these cool themed kits at our library. My 2 year old (2 1/2 end of May) is really getting the hang of one to one correspondence. He's so smart! (All parents say that though). One of the file folder games is counting dots on hearts and then matching that to the number. He has trouble pointing to ones that have a lot of dots like 10 because he recounts some of them or skips some of them, but other than that he does so good. I definitely need to make that file folder game.
Apparently he also knows what the numbers 2 and 5 look like. We thought he knew the number 3 too, but started messing that one up after the first 2 times he had it right. He hasn't been so interested in learning his letters so I guess we'll work on numbers more.

Anyone have any good links to FILE FOLDER GAMES for toddlers? I've found some, but not too many that I've liked. Also any LDS ones would be awesome too!
My son had been obsessed with Bubbles this weekend. What are some things that your kids can't get enough of?

3 crafty contributions:

bcriminger said...

He is a smart one! Hope your little girl decides she wants to see the beautiful sunshine some time soon, you are in my prayers, Maryanne!

Jessica said...

I hope you are comforted soon. I truly know what you are talking about. I think I was crying the last 2 months of my last pregnancy. It will be something well forgotten once she arrives! Thinking of you and yours. :O)
Good to hear from you!

bcriminger said...

ok, upon reading your request for help and sticking a spade into my teacher brain, I tried to recall a website I used when I taught preschool (6 years ago). The one I used most often is no longer completely free, although they do have many free resources, here is their page: Then I started perusing my favorite sites and came upon this link of free preschool printables: Hope these help!