Sunday, February 14, 2010

10 Things I Love about You

10 Things I Love about You, Mike!

10. Your sense of humor - you can always make me smile when I'm grumpy. Then you always know when I'm smiling.

9. Your generosity - part of why I fell in love with you. I remember you always giving a large tip and we still try to do that today.

8. Caring for others: you helped my little brother when he didn't know what he was doing. You ask people about themselves, helping them to feel comfortable.

7. Your smartness and street skills: I'm more book smart so we compliment each other and you help me out a lot so I don't feel as dumb. You're way smarter in the sciences too - I love to hear your excitement about physics. I can't talk about it without you because then I have no idea what I'm talking about.

6. new sexiness: lol - You told me you just wore sweatpants beginning in high school, then you started wearing khaki all the time with a solid color button up shirt (sometimes with a grey hoodie over it) and in the last couple years I got you to wear jeans and striped shirts/sweater jackets. You get hotter everday! (but I still miss your spikey hair).

5. Your hard work: you let me be a stay at home mom and you work hard at your job (even though it's not your dream job). All your customers love your excellent service.

4. Your love of your family: you are so happy when you see them - I love seeing the brotherly bond between you and your 5 younger brothers.

3. Dad Skills: I always knew you'd be a great father when I saw how you treated a "fake" baby, a friend's school project. Now I see you with our son, and it amazes me everyday.

2. Your spiritual side: I love when we have long talks about the gospel and your ideas about it.

1. Your love for me: you accepted me and you still love my body even after post-pregnancy

I love you honey! Happy Valentine's Day!

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