Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Day

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We were married 2 1/2 months after getting engaged....yeah not a lot of time! Totally stressful. But I wasn't about to defer another semester of college or plan a wedding long we did it all in 2 1/2 months. I recommend at least 4 months! =D

I have lots of memories from my wedding day.


50 degrees in Chicago December 31, 2004 - I was lucky!!! Still super windy though - oh well. It really was a perfect day.

My favorite wedding picture of us- so HAPPY - we were sealed for time and eternity in the Chicago LDS Temple.
 (I zoomed in on it and made it 2 separate pictures because I though it looked cooler for my scrapbook page)

At our luncheon, I had to go to the bathroom with my wedding dress on so my mom comes to help me. We pass this little girl with her mom and she tells her mom that I'm a princess. The only time I didn't mind being called a princess.

I'll always remember the way he looked (he cried- I love when he cries because it's so rare) during our ring ceremony at our reception.

I love they way we look in these dancing in love. We danced to "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago.

The cake: I was so nice and gave him a little piece...he gives me this huge piece which I only take a little bite of and the rest falls down my dress

Our car was awesomely decorated. First stop before our hotel, car wash! He used to be so anal about things - he's a lot better. =D

My favorite part about the car

4 crafty contributions:

Kim said...

We didn't have much time to plan either! Looks like you had a great wedding regardless of the planning time crunch!

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures! I love the writing on the car haha. They always get so creative with those kinds of things :)

SabinaSage said...

Thats a great story!! I loved the car!! Expecially the whole scrapbooking! I LOVE doing that! You two look so in love!! I totally understand the whole short planning! LOL...I, well my mom did mine in two weeks! =)

Shaela said...

what great pictures! My hubby and I were married 4 1/2 months after meeting... and only a month after getting engaged! But that was 7 years ago so I guess it's worked out. ;)

Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! And no, I've never seen How I Met Your Mother... never heard of it actually. (we don't watch tv) Is there something about umbrellas on there?