Monday, February 15, 2010

Riri Creations

"riri=rEFRESHING, iNSPIRING, rEAL, iNNOVATIVE handmade cards, 5 x 7 mixed media collage and prints, BLESSING BLOCKS,Blessing memory BOARDS, lunch box notes, wreaths and door pockets, coasters, ribbon organizers, trivets, seasonal decor and gifts for special events and everyday life. Tommy makes the blocks, trivets, frames, and ribbon organizers; all else I (Rita) make."

I found this wonderful etsy site, riricreations and asked her if she wanted to trade or donate something so I could get prizes for my Valentine's Party on the 13th. She happily donated one of her best items: Lunchbox Notes to me.

Aren't these cute!
When I saw these - I thought what a great motivation for me to do a little more service for my husband by making his lunch more often (he's too skinny and always forgets to make a lunch) and then having a little note to show him that I'm thinking about him and that I love him. When we were dating, much of our relationship was long distance so we wrote to each other often. I have kept all the letters and e-mails we'd sent to each other. Now that we're married, it's hard to remember how wonderful a note can be. I know that these notes would make his day. Then I'm sure he would write little notes to me (every so often, he does). I love his notes, plus then I can scrapbook them =D

Here's more information about them from Rita.

LUNCH BOX NOTES : $4-$4.50
I believe in the best of marriages, it's still takes work, attention, and commitment, during our busy lives, to keep a marriage (or any relationship) healthy. I hope these little notes, inspired by my friend Al's devotion to his wife Betsy, (400 notes he gave her over 10 years time before his untimely death) will help you, or someone you buy them for, keep romance alive and nurture a healthy, long lasting marriage. (See my feedback section, or sales section or separate listing to view original sets...)
Isn't that a cute love story behind these notes. Start some service and love, by ordering these for your husband. She also sells some for you to give your children.

Here's are some of her other best selling products!

cards that are also prints to be framed and savored long after the event.

These wonderful framed cards are customized with up to 60 words from you. A card and gift all in one - now that card isn't wasted and thrown away.

Here are examples of her Valentine's Day / Love ones. How endearing!

These were such a big hit for Valentine's Day that she is now making them through out the year for any one, any occassion - spouse, child, friend, mom, dad, birthday, anniversary, etc.

"So, I will be offering different versions of this exclusive design throughout the year for holidays like Mother's day, Father's day, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, coach/teacher appreciation, etc. Keep in mind other special events coming up, and order (and send me your 60 words)10 days before you need it~ I will still offer this card/print with photos or hearts in the middle, but watch for new shapes (like a butterfly) and words (like celebrate, family) that compliment your celebration."
Your 60 words can describe you they are, special phrases/inside jokes you share, what you love about them and more. It's up to you. Then riricreations makes a beautiful keepsake for you.
I know I would love this as a gift - especially to know what my spouse/family member/ friend thinks of me/loves about me. I always love knowing people's perspective of me because sometimes you have a different idea of yourself and don't realize what great things people see in you.

riricreations' newest item: Large Pine RIBBON ORGANIZER: $17.95- $28

I would love this, once I have my own home to do more with my craft/scrapbooking room. Even if you're not a crafter, this would be perfect for gift wrapping - easy access.
"Declutter and get organized in the new year with this perfect item for CRAFTERS, handmade pine ribbon organizer made FRONT PAGE on ETSY,holds up to 40 spools of ribbon.
This ribbon organizer measures 18"w x 12"h (super easy to use the sides as a measuring tool when cutting ribbons) and it is 4"deep. This organizer has sold 5 times already, and we've left the ones we've sold so far "unfinished", but you can paint or decorate yours to match your space, or just leave finish "natural" as is. Can be left free-standing or wall mounted."

Fabulous Things about riricreations!

She is environment friendly
"GOING GREEN! We recycle boxes and packing materials to save you money on shipping and save our precious earth's resources..."

and she does her part to help those in need!
"I've decided to give 25% of every sale of my best selling items:the 5" x 7" print, our trivets, and my heart wreaths, directly to HAITI RELIEF. My church, New Hanover, in Mechanicsville VA, has been sending teams to Haiti to build homes, schools, and churches for years, long before the earthquake. My good friend goes every year, but I can't go, because I have a bad back, but I can donate my time and love through my shop here. More info (where 25% goes) They're going back to help in April. "

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