Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Cosie Posie

The Cosie Posie: all things cute and cosie
"The Cosie Posie is a fun chic twist on the old "Rice Bag" . Cosie's are filled with whole flax seed and have a wonderful moist warm heat without the rice smell. Perfect for someone with chronic pain."

I found The Cosie Posie's blog and etsy site by searching for giveaways. Tracie was having a Grand Opening Giveaway on her blog of some of her items: 1 giveaway for locals (Salt Lake and Davis Counties, Utah) and 1 giveaway for everyone else. In case I didn't win the giveaway, I contacted her to see if she'd be interested in donating or trading so I could get more items for my Valentine's Party that I had on the 13th. She very generously donated several of her cosies all Valentine themed.

Aren't they darling!

This square one is perfect for your back.
My husband tried this one out since he recently hurt his back. He loved it and it helped relax those muscles.

matching one for your neck

I stuck this one in the microwave for about 45 seconds and put it on my neck....Heavenly! I wanted to go to sleep right then and there. That's pretty amazing since a lot of time, I have trouble going to sleep.

This heart shaped one, again perfect size for your back along with a matching little one that I think would be perfect for headaches, was the favorite at my Valentine's Party.

I want some of these awesome, adorable pillowcases!
"Also designing pillowcases with fun shapes attached by applique that coordinate with the Cosie's and personalized name and phrases too."

Tracie is currently working hard on all sorts of creations. To see more pictures on what she's working on, check her blog and watch for these items to be sold on her etsy site.
  • "Football" Cosie Bags, Resusable totes, Pillow Cases
  • "Whale"- Cosie Bags, Resusable totes, Pillow Cases

  • "Lab"Cosie Bags, Resusable totes, Pillow Cases
  • "Train Car" Cosie Bags, Resusable totes, Pillow Cases
  • "Posie" Cosie Bags, Resusable totes, Pillow Cases
  • BYU-Pillow cases, Reusable totes, Cosie Bags
  • Utes-Pillow cases, Reusable totes, Cosie Bags
  • Personalized Products- Pillowcases, Cosie Bags, Monogram Reuseable totes
This one looks so fun! Isn't she amazing at creating different shapes!

Go check her out!

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Shaela said...

how fun! my Grandma has made flax bags for my family my whole life, and now I make them for friends and family too. :)