Monday, February 1, 2010

My Favorite Things

Giveaway of Make Me a Blessing's Favorite Things... Courtney is giving away some of her favorite things like a Nicholas Sparks book, scrapbook paper, picture frame and much more! So check it out and see how to win!

Here are some of my favorite things...

1. Our Nikon Coolpix ISO3200 camera....ours is hunter green though

2. My Fiskars paper cutters: yes plural - I own 5 paper cutters =D. 3 12x12 ones, 1 photo one and 1 really large one. That way I can teach people to make stuff and I always have a back-up.

3.  Hair claws - so easy to pull my hair out of my face or away from my son's hands =D

4. My Cover Girl WetSlicks Lip Gloss - AmazeMint : Thanks for the tips from America's Next Top Model. I love the fresh feeling it gives on your mouth!

5.  LDS Fiction Books: First Love and Forever by Anita Stansfield got me hooked on LDS Fiction especially the romance ones =D

6. Ice Cream!!! I pretty much love all ice cream... mmmmmm!!!!

What are your favorite things!?

2 crafty contributions:

Meka said...

Oh I love Anita Stansfield's books! There is a really super good book I think you would like called Kates Turn. I can't remember the author something Crane? Its my favorite LDS novel ever!!

Scrappy Gifts said...

I've read Kate's Turn too...I think it's by Cheri Crane - and I loved it....did you read the sequels?