Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Box Contest

Here's my Entry for Cedar Fort Inc. 's Valentine's Day Box Contest.

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My husband was the first in line in our city at the local K-mart to get a Wii. He sat out most of the night with his buddies - they had icicles on their sleeping bags. Ever since then we've kinda been known as the Wii family. =D We had a birthday party for our 1 year old with a Wii Mario Party theme even. So when I saw this contest, I automatically thought what could I do Wii themed.

Can you see the slot to put cards in?
This will be perfect for my Valentine's Day Party on Saturday.

You can vote twice: so go pick your top 2 favorite!
OR you have until 2/16 to enter your own box! Just read the post about the giveaway and rules again.

Here's a picture of Mii with it - mind you it's past midnight (technically later today) - I'm exhausted, but I have lots to do tomorrow to plan for my Valentine's Day party on Saturday.


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Kristi Flanagan said...

I love the you and "Mii" - How creative and cute!! Following you from "Follow Me Fridays"!

Punkin Seed Productions

Jane said...

That's awesome! I am going to make those with my fourth graders next year. They love the wii!